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  1. So i suggest that instead of having to do the struggle of "::finddrop -monsters long ass name and 1 wrong letter makes you retype it- " That you take an idea ive seen implemented on many of other servers where you just set the examine button to pull up the dropsheet the examine button is virtually useless even in regular RS. But still leaving in the ::finddrop command for the bosses or enemies youre not near. The other one is using one of the empty tabs you get when playing on "resizable screen" or full screen for a donator tab, Since ive donated ive had a struggle of knowing what commands i can and cant use, and when you check the one ::benefits, its not got everything on it so a helpful thing that you wouldnt have to stop playing the game to see would be a tab. Now it could either have all donator commands in it and be restricted by rank or you could make it to where it will only show commands according to your rank. And it would be like a clickable command for like ::DI or ::goldtree or ::bank, and in that tab it would show like your donator pts, rank, ammount youve donated and so forth (ik the quest tab already has it but i feel like this would look a bit nicer.)
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