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  1. They're still so expensive 😭
  2. As many of you know, it's extremely common for people to just lamp their way through Runecrafting. It's well-renowned as a slow, grind-intensive skill with constant teleports to and from the bank to make progress. - Although this skill may need a rework in itself, I'd like to focus on a different (and much more easily fixed) issue at the moment: Farming for fragments, and the equipment that they unlock. At this time, it currently costs 2,500 fragments for each of the 4 pieces of clothing, and 400, 750, and 1,000 fragments (respectively, from smallest to largest) for the pouches. For a player to obtain one of each of these items, they would require 12,150 fragments total. At this time, it takes approximately 3 seconds to receive a shard (excluding the outliers of the occasional .5 second early shard) This means to receive 12,150 fragments, with one obtained every 3 seconds, you are looking at a minimum of 36,450 seconds minimum JUST siphoning these fragments. To break this down into smaller numbers, that is 607.5 Minutes, or 10.125 HOURS of constant siphoning. Note: Even at 99 Runecrafting, you will constantly be damaged by these energy sources. Sometimes 5-10+ times in a row without success. In these cases, you do NOT obtain energy fragments, and it will add to the total hours required to obtain this full set. Note 2: That being stated, this will also increase the time taken to reach the full set, as many users will require countless inventories of food, Sara Flasks, and more in order to keep their life up and mitigate the impact on their time that this farming requires. Per server staff that I have asked, there is no way to accelerate the shard obtaining process, nor is there any method of mitigating the damage from these energy sources. I understand the appeal of cosmetics, and that people want to work for them. However, with the current rates and prices, factoring in the time to bank food, jump between ::di and RC tele when energy sources become unavailable, and so on - We're looking at between 15 and 20+ hours of work to obtain a cosmetic Runecrafting set with minimal (if any) experience per hour value, that is thereby invalidated by the amount of exp that could have been earned in the time used FARMING for the set. Decreasing the prices of these items, or increasing the rate that these shards are obtained, would reduce burnout and assist players in pursuing skills that they generally enjoy without making them an unnecessary grind. For example, a 20% reduction to the total time taken (assuming the latter number, 15 hours) - would be reduced to 12 hours with this adjustment. Still steep, but that's three hours more of your time back that you have to focus on actually making runes with your new gear, or taking down some bosses! I will attempt to provide more information, media, etc. as needed, required or requested. If anyone has any data they want me to find, or any comments to add - it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the consideration! -Latte
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