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  1. Latest staff changes. @ Charmie has been promoted to Global Moderator @ Noki has been promoted to Global Moderator @ Maxime has been promoted to Administrator Congratulations! @ Ventura has been demoted from Server Support @ hiddenblade9 has stepped down from Moderator
  2. @ Skovos has passed his trial period and became offical Server Support @ Cody has rejoined the staff team as Moderator Congratulations! @ Nate has stepped down from Staff Manager
  3. @ Nate has taken Staff Manager role. We're 100% sure he'll do great things with this new position. Well deserved for your hard work! Due recent Forum Changes, Global Moderators are no longer forum staff. Lack of overview, hereby @ Sezy has shown interest into Forum Moderator. After few days scanning his activity, professionalism on forums. I'm impressed, Welcome on Forum Staff board! Congratulations boys! @ Xelta has been demoted from Moderator @ Tinee has been demoted from Moderator @ swe monkey has been demoted from Moderator @ Blitz has stepped down from Global Moderator @ Bernard has stepped down from Staff Manager
  4. The latest Staff changes @ Alb has been promoted to our first Event Manager. He's responsible of future events, calendars that sort of stuf! If you're feeling to become rich through events. He's the man for you Congratulations!
  5. We'd like to announce the latest staff changes. Today includes 4 newly promoted staff members and fortunately zero demotions/resignations. We got 4 trial support staff members has passed their trial period. We've noticed a lot of amazing work from you four, and we're really satisfied with the performance. Keep sharing your knowledge, activity and you'll see whats yet to come in your path. Congratulations! @ Spoookydoo2 @ GravityZ @ rabe37ob @ Ventura - Simplicity Management team
  6. Congratulations @ shiftynex @ Skovos on your repromo & becoming a staff member! Looking forward to you two for Simplicity!
  7. That loot tab really looks interesting and juicy! I'd love to see more of these projects!
  8. Ayee, Congratulations @ Riv , welcome on board! Also thank you for this chance to assist Kevin and the boys out! :)
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