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  1. So... I spent 200 points on a cape that is worse then its free version? Or is there hidden staffs or functions? I mean yay! +3 prayer... but 200 points is not worth +3 prayer. Whats the secret to this cape?
  2. Or we can reduce spawn timer on evil trees/ stars in wild. I mean half the time they sit there for a couple of hrs cause people like no namer camp them and kill anyone who tries to clear them. Over and over and over and over.... Its pkp farming thats safe to do. and they don't clear it themselfs becuase why would they? Decrease the timer on them when they are in the wild. Still gives them a chance to get some pkp points but won't make it impossible for people to get decent exp rates for a couple of hrs.
  3. Was killing King kurask the other day and at the start wasn't giving any boss points. then it started giving points randomly for random amounts. as a ruby member I should get 2x boss points meaning Im pretty much never suppose to be odd numbered but I'm sitting at 623 right now and I haven't spent any as I'm saving up to buy a bunch of blow pipes to drop into the well of suffering.
  4. Couple of suggestions or things that would be cool in game! Juggernaut event. a super tanky npc spawns in a safe PvP arena person who kills it gets some good loots. can kill other players to slow/stop them. ::pin *bankpin* to unlock your bank pin or reset the 12hrs nex instance so we don't have to crash/share the 1 nex we have. Thats all I have for now.