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    I thought about an idea to make people on the server have a way to safely pvp and still at the same time earn rewards,since Pking on the server is scarce and people like economy and pvming more.So this idea is the combination of the both a save pvp minigame like the FFA event that happens.Where u start the game i say 6-10 players fight and the last person standing wins.The amount of players im not sure of but for sure it has to be an even number so its balanced each person get an opponent if it is even numbers.as for the gear it can be just like the FFA event something random everytime range or mele etc, and as for the pvm aspect of this is when you when a game you receive random loot from boxes to whatever really with rares, basically treating the rewards like a bossing drop table, this way its balanced people are gonna have to grind the mini game to obtain the rare loot or not if thye are lucky ;),regardless it will motivate people to keep on playing it :). Thank you,
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