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  1. Welcome to the server!!
  2. Basket of eggs, bunny ears, flippers, santa, third age are the best things you can get. You can also get some items like mages book, master wand, regular or coloured staff of light, regular or coloured ranger hats, etc
  3. I know there's a set of pyromancer in game, I believe it was from a custom donation. I'm not sure if it just means they added the models and stuff to the game or if it's actually supposed to be obtainable somewhere. As far as I know items like that are usually for custom donations
  4. Welcome!!
  5. Thanks Pix!! And @Kooda I didn't even know that existed on simp, I now need it in my life
  6. Thanks for taking the time to put these together Master!!! Definitely some good ones in there *I threw in the suggestion where you were talking about the ironmen (to add a looting bag) because I know it's been suggested a lot by players who join and pick UIM mode, it would make it more viable for them. Hope you don't mind
  7. Hey welcome to Simplicity
  8. Welcome to Simplicity!!
  9. Welcome
  10. there's a book sold at herblore tele that tell you all the info you need to know what herb/secondary and level needed for each potion
  11. lot further than I've gotten in my 1.2k hours lol. but gambling can make you a whole lot very fast, if you're lucky haha anyway just stopping to say what's up! You been around for awhile now but late welcome ;p
  12. LMFAO. I like the way you think
  13. Welcome Victor!! Bank is looking far better than mine did at that many hours played ;p
  14. it would mean you have 37% yeah, it all stacks
  15. agree