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  1. 2incher

  2. 2incher

    Thanks Spud I appreciate you very much!
  3. 2incher

    Welcome to Simplicity
  4. 2incher

    to go off what bigzy said I'd really like to see sapphire zone reworked before either of the newer zones personally. they all need some love but onyx and crystal have got the most love and other donor ranks are simply forgotten about (like gold tree being 100% worthless now as well)
  5. just to verify a few things max cape actually does have ever so slightly worse stats than death cape HOWEVER the max zone is very nice (like cfghc said) and death cape is very expensive and really not worth having if you have max cape in my opinion, as the money from the death cape could be used somewhere else for a more significant upgrade. As for prestiging, the amount of points you get totally depends and varies on which skill you prestige. Harder to train skills give more points, combat skills give very little as they are so quick to train and as far as I know it's best to prestige at 99 not 2b. Believe me, there's a lot I wish was fixed too. Thanks for the suggestions
  6. @Nihkie try logging in on a new account and pming 'Kevin' he can tell you what your passwords are. very strange though, maybe you just spelled wrong when you made your accounts. not positive
  7. Likin the updated interfaces! Thanks Blake
  8. 2incher

    Welcome to Simplicity look forward to seeing more of you ingame and hope you're enjoying your time here!
  9. 2incher

    he just made mine and it's awesome
  10. 2incher

    yeah this was reported already but thanks for posting anyways
  11. 2incher

    The fact of the matter is, you bet 50b you knew you didn't have. You're not allowed to do that, even if you were going to donate for it after. Should have done it first. It's still a form of scamming, and we don't give scammers second chances. Sorry
  12. 2incher

    Awesome job Sean tyvm for putting this together
  13. 2incher

    warned him not to do it again and if he does it'll be a punishment, thank you
  14. 2incher

    Agreed he definitely does
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