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  1. I have zamorak and saradomin coif, but the rest of the items are currently unobtainable in-game
  2. Ty for the post clearing this up Kevin
  3. It makes it even better than he shouted you out on your guide hahahaha
  4. @gandori get in touch with me in pms on the forums or on discord or in-game and i'll help you
  5. U DA MAN
  6. orrr just implement tree farming patches would be my preference haha
  7. Welcome back
  8. here I am to show it off
  9. I'm all about collecting so I'm in to it
  10. Welcome to the server! Hopefully you enjoy your uim experience, even though we're not super designed for it (no looting bag etc)
  11. At least you got 1 piece!!!
  12. GRATS CUCKLORD!!! you're my hero
  13. Welcome to Simplicity!
  14. Welcome to the server!!
  15. Basket of eggs, bunny ears, flippers, santa, third age are the best things you can get. You can also get some items like mages book, master wand, regular or coloured staff of light, regular or coloured ranger hats, etc