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  1. You're the best
  2. Already pinned it yesterday ;p
  3. I love this thread and god bless you for putting in the effort to make it. You rock
  4. Hi

    Welcome back! Glad to see ya finally took my advice
  5. Hey Zulrah's already being worked on should be out soon. I like the sounds of charged glories and imbued capes. Don't know much about the first one cause I don't pk but maybe someone else will have a better opinion than me!
  6. Welcome!! I've seen you around ;p
  7. Awesome! But would have really liked the master capes to be obtainable in game by getting 2b xp in a skill Also very happy to see " removed "dupe detection" that was added long ago causing players to lose money from their pouch" on the list. Thanks a lot for putting this together Supreme! Very appreciated.
  8. Yeah very cool, good luck!!
  9. Welcome
  10. Nice. You can also just fish monkfish all the way from 62 though, it's what I did personally
  11. Hi

    Seen you around already but welcome Bernard
  12. Definitely agree with the looting bag. As for ::home2, I use it very often as edgeville is lag city for me. So pls don't take it away
  13. Nice goodluck
  14. Would definitely like #1. Would help for people going for 2b xp especially, plus giving them something to actually spend fragments on. #2 was something I never heard of but it sounds interesting. Interested to hear @Divine winds's opinion on it? Have you ever heard of something like that?