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  1. Owner Kevin- Kevin seems like a very helpful and kind owner. Seems to know how to keep people happy and interested in the server and that is all we can ask for of an owner. Staff Manager Lewis- From the times i have seen Lewis online(usually on while i'm asleep), he is very quick to help whoever needs a hand, and seems like he knows how to handle different circumstances. Shiftynex- Shifty is always very professional and tidy with any situation that arises on the server. Very happy with the service shown by them. Manager Minh- From the times i've seen Minh online, he seems like a very friendly guy who gives always has helpful tips for the community. Global Administrator Foly- Haven't heard much about Foly except for the great professionalism and attitude towards members on simp. Administrator Alb- Alb is a great event host and really knows how to keep people happy. If someone has a problem, he surely has a solution to help them out. Dutch- By what i've seen, Dutch always has the attitude of helping others out over anything else. He stayed up several hours later just to throw an extra event for the community to gain a little extra advantage in the game. He is always trying to help us out with great goodiebags and shows great professionalism with his work. Spud- Spud is one of the best staff on the server. He is always online, always giving new people items including bones for an instant 99 prayer. He is always out there giving advice to the server and handles problems very precisely. Spud always has the initiative to help others before himself. He is also one of the most active staff in game. Global Moderator Sezy- From what i've seen of Sezy, he is a very professional mod and very friendly. Noki- Noki is always kind to everyone and is always willing to help the community out everyday. Whenever you talk to Noki you know that you're gonna be walking away smiling. Charmie- Charmie is very fun to talk to. He always give tips on anything you have questions about, and is willing to take the time to explain things to you. If anything bad happens while Charmie is online, the issue is resolved immediately. Sleepinwmy9- Sleepin is an awesome mod to go to if you're looking for a laugh, and is always the first to answer when you need a hand over chat. From what i've seen, great moderator. Moderator Cody- Whenever Cody jumps into the chat, he always lightens the mood. Great guy to talk to and very helpful for advice. Server Support Rabe37ob- Rabe is always the first one to answer if you need a hand. He is always willing to stop what he is doing to give you advice and fix your problem! Skovos- Skovos is the most active staff on the server by far. Everytime anyone needs help Skovos is always online to help. Even though he is always farming hydra, he'd love to leave and help you out instantly. Definitely see him as a mod very soon. Trial Support Mr Xii- Mrxii is the nicest guy I know on the server. He helped me out the first day i joined the server and has continued to help me out every single day since. He definitely deserves the position that he was given, and I can definitely see him moving up the line very quickly. The support he gives to the community with advice and even financially is outstanding. A+ for this guy. tmk4201- tmk is a new support so I haven't talked to him much. But the times I have talked to him, he has been very bright and willing to help you with whatever you may need.


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