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  1. Thats that i what i was going for a base idea =s Another one would be, zulrah could drop a magma mutagen instead of the magma blowpipe, and just do like magma mutagen + toxic blowpipe, to make a magma blowpipe so it uses a blowpipe already in-game, or Serpentine helm + magma mutagen for magma helm. i would have to test it out but, i do believe that the turquoise slayer helm has the same stats as the reg slayer helm, It was just a base idea using the vorkath head, but if they want to copy the great olm slayer helm, just add a vorkath crystal to vorkath's drop table, and to make it by using the crystal on a full slayer helm. And for the stats + bonuses it could be, range + mage bonus slightly better then the full slayer helm and a good ability to help with the vorkath killing Example: reduction in damage the range attack, immune or reduction in damage to the double fireball attack, immune to the dragon fire barrage attack.
  2. I ment to say use the vine whip =s going to change in the main thread , and no Vorkaths Slayer Helmet would be a custom item to make.
  3. Can we add combination items like: Vorkath head + ava's accumlator = ava's assembler Vorkath head + Vine whip = Vorkaths vine whip Vorkath head + slayer helm = new item ,'Vorkath Slayer Helm' ,Extra boost to killing Vorkath + immune to the dragon fire barrage, when he spits the orange fire. Add the dragon hunter crossbow: possible drop from vorkath/donator shop, and maybe add the dragon bolts and their Gemstone e variants And by in-game,on the poll, i mean make available in-game
  4. Edit on the coal idea.
  5. Have Zulra drop scales, to add to the the blow pipes, either for slightly higher damage then d-darts or just an alternative. and add boss points. Zombie Mini-game: Have the charming imp pick up zombie fragments, not sure if it already does this but planning on buying one soon. Have higher zombies drop more then one fragment Add an item you wear to give unlimited coal, not sure if this is in game already or not, could be the cape,a ring not being used, blacksmith's helm, any item not being used. <-- needs to work with superheating <- or just add the coal bag that can hold all your coal at once so less banking, but still using the coal in game. Needs to work for super-heating.. Add a wield-able harpoon, barbed-tailed harpoon, or dragon harpoon - possibly faster catches with this and count as all around fishing device Have Decanter decant to 3 or 4 dose potions. For making of extreme potions