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  1. Love being part of a community where the leaders are dedicated to improving the experience for us! Looks great -- super exciting!
  2. I have been slowly coming back into the rsps scene after almost 10 years of not being active & wanted to join a thriving high-player count community. I was scrolling through rsps-lists and stumbled across Simplicity. Glad I did -- great server, community, and leadership. I'll be sticking around! 8-)
  3. Hey guys, I go by the name Tm4dz! I've been away from the RSPS scene for many years but my origins go all the way back to 2006. I'm glad to see after all of these years servers have really evolved. I'm excited to join Simplicity for it's high player count and really inviting community. Big communities in the past I was part of and managed were RS-Server, Moparscape (Original), Dodian, Librium, Hydrascape (Original). This would be my first community back after all of these years and I chose Simplicity! Thank you and glad to be here
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