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  1. For completionist Cape, maybe make it work as an ava.. also add the "emote" from the infernal max cape to the comp cape^ Mastery capes being sold at wise old man is a yes from me^ but maybe only for actual skills and not combat. 2b xp does seem a little steep seeing as a lot of the skills are unbalanced.. maybe 200m xp for mastery? Last thing: if the infernal eel is to stay In game, please add an option to unbind it from a Cape...
  2. welcome feel free to pm if you're looking to grind
  3. Goodluck with that Pokecity 2k19
  4. Welcome to the server, feel free to add in-game, always fun to skill with people
  5. Best of luck, might try to fill the server template if you make one
  6. Bye

    Seems you decided to stay and get comp, gg
  7. Sometimes its just for the bragging rights