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  1. Welcome to the forum Church, I'm sure we've met a few times in-game! Hope you're here for the long run!
  2. Staff Changes 20/09/2020 @ Ak 47 has been promoted to Global Moderator. @ Wod has been promoted to Global Moderator. Thank you both for your continues dedication, and congratulations on the promotions!
  3. Welcome MadWitch, hope you enjoy your stay with us
  4. Those are actually mad high quality, I'd love one tbh.
  5. Click ur slayer skill, change ur slayer master to "Konar" and teleport there.
  6. Hey @ TrollGame , You're currently vieiwing "Skilling Guides", if you head over the "Community" and scroll down a bit you'll find a section called "guides".
  7. Staff Changes 15/09/2020 @ Elne has resigned from his position as server support. Thank you for all your efforts and goodluck!
  8. Lore-wise I absolutely love this idea. The problem however right now is that there are already loads of them in-game and they're relatively cheap. Also, them being in some boxes doesn't help this at all. I really love the suggestion and would love to see it implemented tho, kudo's!
  9. Really nice and easy guide, will redirect people here! Thanks Charmie!
  10. Agreed with all of them, some amazing suggestions my man Eli!
  11. Staff Changes 12/09/2020 @ Riv has been promoted to Moderator.
  12. This is actually the dankest introduction I've read so far, maybe one day you'll beat my trivia points hue. Welcome regardless, hope you stay!
  13. No, just no. Joining calls should always be when people want too. The only thing you could get awarded for is a medal on the forum, reaching level 20 in discord.
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