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  1. Hey man, welcome to Simplicity! Hope you will stay!
  2. Staff Changes 18/11/2020 @ Charmie has decided to step to down from his rank as Global Administrator. We as the community and staff team would like to thank you for your countless efforts and dedication! Cheers my man, please step by sometime. - Simplicity Staff Team
  3. Staff Changes 17/11/2020 @ Stickle has been promoted to Moderator. @ atawn has been promoted to Moderator. @ Surdabsalot has been promoted to Moderator. @ Gemoedsrust has been promoted to Trial Server Support. Welcome to the team! @ spud has been demoted from his Administrator rank. Thanks for all your time and best of luck! - Simplicity Staff Team
  4. All rounds are now done and these are the following winners! 🏆 The winner of this event is: @ Pong ! You can PM Kevin to claim your Twisted Bow. 🏆 The second winner of this event is: @ s t 0 n e r . You can PM Kevin to claim your Justiciar Set. 🏆 The third winner of this event is: @ Stickle . You can PM Kevin to claim your Emerald Box. Thank you for participating in this event and cya next time! I hope you all enjoyed! Thread is hereby locked.
  5. 6 more words have been added to the event! Goodluck!
  6. All words have been answered, 6 more will updated in a few hours!
  7. Staff Changes 09/11/2020 @ Akimbo has been re-added to the staff team as a Forum Moderator and In-game Moderator! @ Stickle has passed his trial and now is an official server support member, congrats and welcome to the team! @ Scott has passed his trial and now is an official server support member, congrats and welcome to the team! - Simplicity Staff Team
  8. First 6 rounds have all been answered correctly. Next 6 rounds are added, goodluck!
  9. Welcome to Simplicity!
  10. Greetings Simplicity, I'm very exited to announce as of yesterday I've officialy came back to the staff team! And what better way to celebrate this than to host another forum event, the last one was a big success aswell! This forum event is hosted on the forum only, meaning it requires no efforts from outside the forum (such as in-game screenshots etc.) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Description This event will be pretty self-explanatory, it being Scramble. However, there is a twist. ALL the words are strictly Simplicity RSPS related. I will be posting new rounds every now and than (roughly 12 hours) to give all timezones a fair chance to participate. This event will last a couple of days, and the person with the most accumulated points will win the first prize, the second winning the second prize and the third winning the third prize. Any questions? Feel free to PM me! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules & Guide Lines Do NOT edit your post, I will delete your post if you do so. As explained above, all words are strictly Simplicity related, and most words being custom so they're not 'officially' words, this makes cheating using any unscrambler will be very hard to impossible. You must follow the format provided below. You are only allowed one entry per 12 hours! !! IMPORTANT READ THIS !! It's useless to copy someone else's word. As each word is only worth one point. Meaning that if the person above you has for example correctly guessed word 1, that word is no longer worth any points to you. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Format In-game name: Round number: Word decoded: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rounds _______________________________________________________________________________ Prizes First Prize: Twisted Bow Second Prize: Justiciar Set Third Prize: Emerald Box _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Closing Thank you for your participation and goodluck!
  11. @ Skovos massive legend, hope you find what you seek brother, please come by every now and than for a good talk.
  12. Goodluck on your new positions everyone.
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