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  1. Hey Jor, Welcome man! If u have any questions feel free to PM me whenever! We LOVE having you on the team already! ❤️
  2. Staff Changes 12/23/2020 @ Kattrockbell has been promoted to Administrator. Grats and well deserved! @ Couvee Jr has passed his trial and is now an official Server Support! Welcome to the team! @ smokeysavage has been promoted to Trial Support. Goodluck on your trial! @ Gemoedsrust has been demoted from his Server Support position. We wish him best of luck in his future endeavors!
  3. Agreed, got crystal last week and it's pretty annoying
  4. Staff Changes 09/12/10 @ 4cof has been promoted to Moderator. @ Eli has been promoted to Event Manager. Congratulations to both! - Simplicity Staff Team
  5. Hey, Seen you ingame alot already! Welcome to the forums!
  6. Best, update, EVER! Merry Christmas everybody and a massive thank you to @ Kevin @ Arthur @ supreme and the Development for making this content! YOU ARE AWESOME!
  7. Rewards getting more poggy everytime I check, goodluck everyone and get voting! Really helps the server grow!
  8. Staff Changes 29/11/2020 @ Akimbo has been promoted to Global Moderator. @ Scott has been been promoted to Moderator.
  9. Andropov


    Welcome Raj, good to see ya!
  10. I do agree Slayer could use something refreshing, especially reward-wise. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Happy Birthday friend! Many more years!
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