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  1. Owner Arthur -Haven't met him, personally, but does great work for server. Supreme -Have talked to one time, seems like he genuinely cared when he responded to help me. Kevin -I meannnnnnnn Cmon? who doesn't love Kevin amirite? one of the most chill dudes here, but doesn't answer back in a timely matter Management Foly - He cool, haven't ever had a problem he can't fix. Forum Manager Foly - Donation Manager Jor - Kid you not, when he joined us as new dono manager for parker, i was so excited! Man is super chill, friendly, and always engaging in the community, which we all love to see Luke - Drogo - Head Administrator Rapiid ags -Always does the best he can to help whoever needs help 😃 Kattrockbell -Always does anything she can to help you Sezy - Administrator Dro - AK 47 -Really chill guy, always taken care of problems. Won't lie I call him Ak40Kevin sometimes when I see him ingame. Charmie - Don't even get me started with this guy. This guy is beyond the TITS. Does WHATEVER he can to help anyone. Pixie Joe -Hot Mama? Jk but Pixie has definitely helped me quite a few times, and im definitely grateful she is on the team. Ntho skiller - AYYYY MY BRUDDAH! Ntho has been nothing but amazing on the team, always helping, and just geniunely being an awesome person. Head Moderator Couvee Jr - MY MAN!!! Won't lie anytime i think of you, i think of the balloons you have ingame haha. Definitely a ton of help, and just genuinely awesome to talk to. Rob Macabre - ROBBBBBYYY! MAN! This guy is going places! Can't thank him enough for the countless times he's walked people through i/t problems on discord. Sleepinwmy9 - R M B T - Moderator Xelta - Sammyk - Kreativis - Forum Moderator Ntho skiller - Sammyk - Server Support Big wewestew - Trial Support Jonnie - Ozgen -
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