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  1. As for 1, the suggestion that Akimbo mention might be an idea to resolve the abuse, that is when ironman drops, only the character can sees it and when a certain amount of time have passed, the item is removed completely. As for the PVP in wilderness, when an ironman dies, the item is dropped but it is removed completely from the server once he dies, thus the PKer would not gain any benefits from killing ironman.
  2. Haven't really thought of number 2 yet but as for number 1, the same restriction that applies to ironman can be applied here in Simplicity too; Restrictions include : 1) Trade with other players 2) Pick up drop from other players' kill (Perhaps only this specific restriction will be lifted in raids or boss events) 3) Restriction on POS In this way, the challenge factor will still be there without breaking much of the game flow.
  3. I started out as a HCIM for 2 days and realised that there isn't much player choosing to play as ironman. I learnt a few things whereby there's plenty of restrictions for ironman in Simplicityps such as ironman isn't able to participate in the Cow Events, Drop Party and POS. As such, the progress as an ironman is greatly hindered by the fact that we had to grind a lot more than regular players. At the same time, I've checked the forum to see if there's any plausible suggestions that was written and came across the on ::thread 1495 but I don't really see it being in the game yet since it might be due to the amount of work needed to implement it or maybe it will be implemented in the future. I understand that enabling the above mentioned activities would surely break the purpose of being an ironman and I thought of a few ways to improve the gameplay for ironman. 1) The easiest way is probably to increase the drop rate for IM,HCIM,UIM respectively. Not to the point of game breaking but make it favorable since some items are for the purpose of collection after all, we as ironman can't trade it with others on POS. 2) Special monsters for ironman. 3) Perhaps an item to protect HCIM and UIM from death 1 time but it will cost donations.
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