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  1. last post here unless you guys wanna see more but i did fine tuning and its much more coherent now:
  2. So I'm a little bit of a nerd and am starting to learn Tensorflow, long story short I managed to merge 2 different peoples 2-3 year old repositories for an AI text generator based on openai's GPT-2 model. So now I have an AI I can create custom data sets for based on any large collect of text. I need a bit of practice making high quality training data so if you have any ideas about a large corpus of text data about specific topics or people let me know! Here's a sample based on 30 songs from the UnderAchivers, I had it write a verse. its not great but its not bad either, let me know if you wanna see computers talk more gibberish. I have it set up in a docker container, so if your interested in trying yourself I can push that to docker or pm me and ill send you my GitHub repository. I don't wanna give that link out to everyone because I still write shit code, and am very self conscious about it.
  3. So there a a few reasons why your client wont launch, some of which are harder to explain the others. A common issue is file association and if you dont know how to change that or dont care to, these 3 lines of text will launch your client: where clientName.jar is the name of your client Version either gamepack+.jar or gamepack.jar save that in a notepad document and change the .txt file extension to .bat. Then place the bat file in your cache at users/userName/.SimplicityCache I dont know if this kind of post is okay but i couldnt seem to find the right person to ask about that, best of luck everyone! if you have python this works just as well with Popen, possibly an option if your not on windows. just change the arguments in p: from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT p = Popen(['java', '-jar', 'gamepack.jar'], stdout=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT) for line in str(p.stdout) print(line)
  4. i really like this idea as well less worrying that its actually working, immediate confrontation its done something on the UI.
  5. The idea i have is pretty simple in theory, Ring of Bosses picks up every item that is dropped from a boss, instead allow the holder to filter a list of 2-3 items to be picked up automatically maybe even allowing for presets for specific bosses like Hydra, Vorkath, and Zulrah. It could result in less junk items banked, and the streamlining of teleing in and out of bosses quickly without dropping useless items between kills. All in all it would make looting even faster and probably increase the value of the ring without a technical buff to the item its self.
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