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  1. Whats up fellas, Atawn here. My first exposure to RS was a wonderfully enjoyable, utter failure back in 2003. Back then we had Dial-up and I was allowed a max of 30min a day on the internet. I still remember being super excited when I upgraded from Iron to Black and though 1k gp was an achievement. It wasn't until 2008 that I made my first mil. Unfortunatly that account has since been deleted due to inactivity. Things have changed a lot since then! No longer a child living at home, I'm married and have been working in my field for 5 years now. The first time I explored an RSPS was to venture into the P2p side of RS without having to pay the monthly membership fee. This is probably what has created my interest in the skilling/collecting side of the game. By far my favorite decorative items are the Guthix/Saradomin/Zamorak sets and the white Party Hat. Been on Simplicity for 3 weeks now and its been a blast. I look forward to the months to come and the experiences to enjoy.
  2. My go-to when i'm looking for an rsps is moparscape. I looked for one that wasn't all about PKing, cause gross. Skilling and collecting is where its at. I stayed because of the active and helpful playerbase. I try to give back whenever I come across a newcomer.
  3. Hi, I think it may be worthwhile to add additional information to: To include the use of multiple Internet Service Provider connections. This is because some folks have two separate ISP connections at home and don't require the use of a proxy or vpn to leverage that alternate connection to vote again which based on the current phrasing, would not be violating the written rule, while violating the spirit/intent of it.


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