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  1. 7) just strange not to have a rank 9) 10$ scroll, skilling outfits with bonus xp, skilling supplies: something worth prestiging for
  2. 1) fix raids so it doesn't break after a few days 2) add a health buff to celestial/ roseblood like all the other armors have 3)fix collection logs 4)fix visual bugs like achievements, ::staff (https://gyazo.com/1ba1c83cb3c3f6beddb88de4596b5645), door at hydra etc 5)fix player count, not accurate at all 6)at the miscellaneous tab, there is a section knowledge base, would be nice to have that filled in (https://gyazo.com/ba28793daaf69fa1868ade1164d1ffd8) 7) ironman has no donator rank atm for some reason but u do get the benefits maybe add the rank also? 8 ) add command ctrl + b for easy banking (::bank) 9) prestiging still useless 10) do not forget the collection logs
  3. add something decent in prestige shop like a 10$ scroll (like in the vote shop) so its worth prestiging
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