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  1. First =D and thanks for the updates!
  2. Thanks for the update log!
  3. Thanks for the update and fixes!
  4. Monday - Double Vote Points Tuesday - Double Slayer Points Wednesday - Double PK Points Thursday - Double Pest Control Points Friday - Double EXP Saturday - Double EXP Sunday - Double EXP *Events change at server time [00:00] each day *Other bonuses that also stack alongside double EXP is the 30% bonus EXP from the Well of Goodwill, as well as all Donor Rank EXP benefits plus the 30% EXP boost given from vote scrolls *Donor benefit of increased Pest Control Points also stacks with Double Pest Control Points (Thursday) as well
  5. Thanks for posting this! Will make sure to let people know!
  6. Thanks for posting this, will most certainly use it next time I need to help someone on their mac
  7. Nice Nice! Keep up the good work!
  8. Thanks for posting the update!
  9. Love this guide, and make sure to spread to word to new players joining Also a few questions do need to be updated due to certain stores being changed.
  10. These bugs have been fixed
  11. That was easy
  12. Here is the list of items that can be thrown into the Magic Well in Edgeville, as well as the chance for the items you can receive. Simply use the Item on the well, it will disappear and you have a chance to receive its upgrade Armors Virtus Mask -> Ancestral Hat (1/15) Virtus Robe Top -> Ancestral Robe Top (1/15) Virtus Robe bottom -> Ancestral Robe Bottom (1/15) Torva Helm -> Justiciar Faceguard (1/15) Torva Platebody -> Justiciar Chestguard (1/15) Torva Platelegs -> Justiciar Legguards (1/15) Steadfast Boots -> Primordial Boots (1/20) Ragefire Boots -> Eternal Boots (1/20) Glaiven Boots -> Pegasian Boots (1/20) Weapons Armadyl Godsword -> Demonic Armadyl Godsword (1/20) Toxic Blowpipe -> Magma Blowpipe (1/30) Abyssal Whip -> Abyssal Vine Whip (1/40) Twisted Bow -> Dark Twisted Bow (1/10) Equipment Blood Necklace -> Split Dragontooth Necklace (1/20) Ring of the Gods -> Ring of Bosses (1/30) Dragon Kiteshield -> Dragonfire Ward (1/30) *If you find any other items that can be thrown into the Magic Well, feel free to post on here or let me know in-game and I will add them to the list!
  13. I support these! I would also love to see a revamp of the slayer skill, make it more profitable and more rewards for people to be doing slayer!
  14. Good to have you around Dvukk, if you ever need any help Feel free to ask, as well as if you have any suggestions for future content just let us know!
  15. I second this