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  1. Hey guys, as some of you may know I'm still new-ish, but I'm pretty active and around the community quite a bit either in-game, discord/voice chat or on the forums! Basically I joined this RSPS on the 5th October, it's now the 27th! So I'm only 22 server days old I've recently just reached 300+ hours online time, since downloading Simplicity, I've been addicted! My missus thinks I've spent the max of $100 (little does she know, she needs to add another 0 and more, I've bought I think around 6 in-names in total as well ($180) but yeah I'm addicted and I've spent so many countless hours playing when I should be sleeping, I also work 2 jobs and see the missus on weekends/during the week at night for a few hours! I will admit I do afk on the game (::afkzone) to get some pennies as I've started a little collection tab as I do a lot of Tob/Olm (So i get alot of rss/junk items) but instead of clearing out my bank now and then, instead I've started to collect! Here's a sneaky peaky for you as well as my online time! Thanks for all the great moments, the laughter and many more to come! ❤️ I've put all items over 4,000 amount go into this tab (I've recently stocked up my rune pouch hents why the earths are low) and my burnt collection is in this tab too! (boxes shouldn't be in this tab same with cape, opps)
  2. I've not spoken to you before, but I've seen you floating around in-game looking all pretty and sheet! I hope everything is all good and spoons? I'm assuming you're from the UK! #ukgang Take care and stay safe!
  3. Very helpful and great staff team in the making! ❤️
  4. A couple of nice pulls from the chest! Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire, oh and the Halloween boots! - Edit, I'm debating about doing some videos! What's the requirement as I have over 500 active subs on my channel but I do videos for another game (i'm a moderator for a game called TopWar - over 800k players)
  5. Much appreciated! I'm sure others will agree with these items gathering dust ❤️
  6. They have changed the drop table already! (so I believe) I feel like boss-only doesn't get anything more than Saradomin tears (I've had no joke 8 of them, mostly in a row) and they don't sell, but if they do it's like 700m or something meaning its quite pointless in away! But then again I've made my cape from boss-only and just need another disk of returning to make another one! Please can we have the boss-only drop table changed around alittle? maybe increase the drop table of getting idk 1b or 2b in cash? I've completed boss only around 100+ times! Also can we remove bandos items from full! I'm sick of getting tassets/chestpeices when the item is around 60m if that each! when players are getting sapphire or ruby boxes even when dying (like 20b) No joke I've had atleast 5 bandos items in a row without even dying and I'm using full sagi with hcx/magma and sov for melee (now upgraded to sov xi) <-- Spent like my whole bank to get it
  7. Welcome to Simplicity! It's been great to see you around and vibing! You've been very active since joining and it makes the community a little greater having you around!
  8. I totally agree with both of these ideas! Would be interesting to have the ability to exchange on the chance of getting something useful or exchange for xp lamps instead!
  9. Glad to have you as part of the community! That sounds like an awesome job ngl! Hope to see you in game.
  10. Hey, I would like to put forward the suggestion of making Chaotic weapons sell-able to the shop keeper please! These weps are some of the most common from boxes and I'm sure players would agree with me, that the items are practically useless as we are more of a PvM server than a PKing one! Therefore these are just gathering dust within our banks (people that open boxes, which is around 8/10 of us) I'm sure I'm not the only one that has quite a few, and I'm sure a lot of players have a lot more than myself! Can we please make them sell-able for like 10m each or even 5m if push comes to shove? you seen how dusty they are getting? If you agree with this suggestion please make yourself be heard by commenting! ❤️ Remember, keep safe, keep happy, keep dancing and keep gaming!
  11. Hehe that's my aim! so far, so good! but always needing more!
  12. Pretty epic update, but it's bugged a few things out! All been reported (like Full tob raids) melee doesn't really work on the spiders anymore and they stop coming in (meaning you can't complete that stage, tried 3 times as 3rd time is always the charm, but not in our case) Boss only raids work fine tbh! But other than that and the bugs you already know about, everything is fine and dandy! Awesome update! Glad to be a member of the community!
  13. Hey, Let me firstly introduce myself! I'm Stickle, and I'm here to offer you a great proposition! "Have you recently started cooking?.. Have you burnt some food recently and feel like you've wasted GP buying the raw food?.. Nobody likes waste!.." Well look no future! I'm willing to buy all your burnt food! Anything and everything! I offer 10K per burnt food, I think I'm currently the only person buying burnt food so instead of dropping it or just letting them gather dust in your bank! Hit me up in-game! "Stickle". Send me a friend request and if I'm not online please have a little patients as I work on Thursdays - Saturdays! But any other time, if I'm awake, I'm online! If you message me and I don't reply, please check out the ::afkzone, if I'm chilling there, I'm most likely sleeping, pooping or making food! Reply to this threat to catch my attention if messaging me in-game isn't working out for you! Remember burnt food is worthless so 10K is quite generous for an item worth 1gp! I'm just a little collector and I MUST gain the biggest burnt food collection on this server! I'm addicted to playing, I've been here a few days now and my play time is 43 hours+ O_o Example; 100 burnt food will get you - 1M 1,000 burnt food will get you - 10M My time zone is GMT+1 but I'm awake and active from 9 am on-wards most days! apart from days listed above! I also have a social life aka I go and see the missus (damn lock-down making it hard over here, but I get a taxi up there around 8/9 pm and back around 2-4 am (I will come online once home) as I don't really sleep! I really look forward to buying all your food! P.S - remember to have fun, keep smiling and dancing, stay safe and make them pennies!
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