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  1. Hey all, as some as you may already know I've been collecting/buying TI keys (mini-game) and the first time around I spent around 2t (2000b) on loads of keys! I only pulled trickster gloves the first time, so it was a total RIP! But this time around, I pulled some good items! I didn't write down everything I pulled, but here's some of the items! But I'm happy as I got 4 items that are 1/x (meaning its higher than 1/900, well I would say it was anyways as x could be 1000000, it could be anything!) Battle-mage robes! Trickster Robe! Vanguard body! Quest cape! Trickster helm This is some of the good items I pulled from TI! Have you ever had any luck at TI? In the past I never did, but this time around I pulled some goodies!
  2. Ayye that's not too shabby that loot! Did it take you long to gather the keys?
  3. Firstly, very nice in-depth welcome thread! I likely! :3 Glad you choice to join Simp
  4. Welcome to Simplicity! I hope to see you around in-game, I'm glad you're loving simp! The community alone is special! :3
  5. Hey, yeah the keys are useless at the moment as the chest isn't activated!
  6. Not too shabby of a suggestion, but then again the Symbol of Artisans and the other symbols would be useless as they already increase exp rates and I heard they increases chances of drops, but don't quote me on that one as Kevin/other have forgot what it's for, just going off a couple of players!
  7. Congrats on the promotions lads! ❤️
  8. Just a really quick tip, just in-case you're a noob like myself and have been missing the special attack orb! (Instead of clicking back on your combat tab and clicking special attack) Go into Settings < Advance Options and then Scroll down to Special Orb and tick the box! Boom it's back ❤️
  9. Welcome brother! I've seen you around and helping people out! Its nice to know you a little more, & glad you're apart of the community!
  10. Massive update! Lots of goodies, been waiting for Simplicity+ to be public! ❤️❤️ Thank you to all the developers and owners! ❤️ Much love
  11. Whooot whoot, it's my 25th birthday day! (1/4 of a century) Oh gosh I'm feeling old now! Hehe but then again I've always said I'm whatever age going on 40! I've lived a pretty wild life from growing up on the streets, living the uni life, I came from a broken home but it's not about who blood is, it's about who you choose to be family! I'm blessed to be alive and kicking, 2020 has been a crazy year! I have 2 kids and not been able to see either since this stupid lock-down, hopefully things get a little easier! I got a card from my youngest (Eliza-Mai) who is nearly 2 years old, It's really made my day! My lovely girlfriend has gotten me loads of presents, and taking me out for the day! I've somehow persuaded her to let me bring my laptop! So I'll be logging in now and then during the day! I'm also thankful for all the lovely messages I've woken up to this morning on discord, thank you all for being so kind! This community is truly inspirational! You have no clue how much you have all helped me recently as I suffer from EUPD, so I'm up and down alot! I balance my work life/social life with gaming/spending time online speaking to you lovely bunch of coconuts but you all have kept me happy and safe! This time last year I was just coming out of Rehab, lost and broken but on the mend! I've grown stronger and stronger this year, even with this stupid lock-down in place! ❤️ Thank you once again! and a big thank you to Kevin and the staff team! I hope you all enjoy the massive boss event! I'll be around that's for sure, and depending how my day goes I'll be hosting some hide and seek, first one to trade me and other little fun events! If you see me in-game be sure to wish me a little happy birthday as just them words mean a lot! Good luck with drops and see you beauties later! Also he's a little picture of my brownie cake my missus got me created! Hands down one of the best brownies I have ever tasted (had it before)
  12. Welcome to Simplicity! We have a great community here and I'm sure you will fit in nicely, if you ever need any help in-game feel freely to ask in the help chat or message myself! We all tend to help each other with tips and tricks/other support! See you around! :3
  13. Well done Katt! That's awesome news, and welcome to the team Whip! :3
  14. Please can we increase/add more drops to the nightmare beasts! You need Emerald donator status to kill these beasts and myself, plus others will agree it's not really worth killing it! Maybe increase the drop (cash) and add some other random drops to the log if possible please! This is the current drop table for the beasts - I believe increasing the drop rate/better drops will make players want to be emerald+ donator status! :3
  15. I support this idea, I used Recover specials all the time! It can be some what annoying buying 28 at a time
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