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  1. Buying virginity 500k
  2. Today, i was playing hide and seek, and then i heard that my friend was being attacked, so i went to assist him but i didnt have any weapons except my trusty maple shortbow... so i came and managed to save my friend from the male individual under the name of B0aty. (a fake B0aty at that) then suddenly the man with no name(no namer) appears behind me and starts to hurt me badly as he comes up close.. not many centimeters behind me... and he whispers; "what'cha doing?" I instantly felt frightened and i see the man named B0aty say " perm ban that ***** " I was so shocked that i froze stiff! But then i didn't teleport home... rather i teleported into a strange room in which only I, and the man with no name(no namer), where the only two people around, and i was locked in there. i could not get out, nor could i teleport... i then i begged him to stop the harassment! But he didn't care at all, and said i could complain on forums. My virginity is now nowhere to be seen.