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  1. when tf are u updating the pkp store tho
  2. I'm not sure whether you know how rsps or rs works in general, just cause you're first on your screen doesn't mean you are first on other people's screens. Nice attempt, tho.
  3. Let's adress some of the dumbest "issues" regarding wilderness, this is something that you guys implemented as rules, which makes fuck all sense: 7.3 Death Dotting "Standing under a player in the duel arena or wilderness in an attempt to give their opponent an advantage is against the rules and will result in being jailed" I'd understand this in edge or low level wilderness but this makes no sense in deep wilderness. 7.6 Wilderness Multilogging "One (1) person using more than one (1) account at a time to kill players is not allowed. You may have up to three (3) non-combatant skillers in the Wilderness at one time, or one (1) combatant account with up to two (2) non-combatant skillers" This once again makes zero sense, Dro has recently contacted me about bringing my pure to ww while im there with my main, stating it would lead to an infraction if I did not stop, why? You can legit bring 3x skillers to rogues castle with different combat levels and woodcut the magic tree (noted logs) and I'd have to log out or leave wilderness before bringing another account. I would agree on attacking the same target with your own accounts is unfair and against the rules, thats fine. But not being able to have a pure and a main in wilderness at the same time is literally really stupid. 7.7 Luring "Luring anyone to the wilderness with the intention of killing them is against the rules and will result in punishment" I dislike this rule but I can see why its been implemented to protect new players but yall be calling me a lurer as soon as I mention rogues castle lol. PKP Store revamp (these are the old points) Item name Current price New price/remove/add Tokhaar-kal 30 25 Fire cape 8 Same Dragon defender 8 Same Zaryte bow 45 40 Hand cannon 25 Same Dragon claws 65 50 Korasi 65 45 Dragon warhammer 55 45 Vesta’s chainbody 30 Same Vesta’s plateskirt 30 Same Statius full helm 5 10 Statius platebody 25 Same Statius platelegs 25 Same Ranger hat 12 Same Fighter hat 12 Same Fighter torso 12 15 Dragonfire shield 25 20 Steadfast boots 25 Same Glaiven boots 25 Same Ragefire boots 25 Same Dark bow 8 10 Abyssal whip 8 5 Robin hood hat 5 Same Ranger boots 5 Same Staff of light 20 Same Bandos godsword 35 20 Saradomin godsword 35 20 Zamorak godsword 35 20 Armadyl godsword 65 50 Saradomin sword 20 REMOVE Seers ring (i) 20 Same Archers ring (i) 20 Same Warriors ring (i) 20 Same Berserker ring (i) 20 Same Ring of the gods 25 Same Morrigan’s leather body N/a 25 Morrigan’s leather chaps N/a 25 Zuriels robe top N/a 25 Zuriels robe bottoms N/a 25 Rune pouch N/a 100
  4. Agreed, nice grammar
  5. You've got to clarify some things lol, whats the new drops? Wheres the new locations?
  6. I'd love it, or a teleport to bounty spell, also being able to see what wilderness the player is at would be such an advantage. At times I get a target and I could scavenge the enter wild looking for the dude just for him to be at edge level 3 afking, thats something we need to change. But let's be real, neither of this will ever be implemented lol
  7. I firmly agree. The wilderness is ruining the game, as a former PKer and now a washed up PvMer I've seen the damage the PK-scene is doing to not only the PvMers but also the skillers. This has gone way too far. We need justice, matter of fact we DEMAND it. Remove the shit.
  8. Watch the gif to find out whether you won or not!
  9. To enter the giveaway all you've got to do is: Liking the video, commenting ur ign and subscribing. Thank you!
  10. Make sure to watch my latest pk video! Huge giveaway at the end