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  1. Divine winds

    admin or im not interested
  2. Divine winds

    Thank you for your kind words sir
  3. Divine winds

    Thank you for your feedback. Had to spice the post up otherwise it would be bland and boring
  4. Divine winds

    Wilderness rejuvenation Season 2 Ep 3 Unpopular opinion: You won’t fix the wilderness by adding custom npcs that drops mad cash, the issues still exists. Quick fixes Add a ::mb teleport which brings you to mage bank add a ::wests teleport which brings you to West dragons add a ::easts teleport which brings you to East dragons Make this lever work (should bring you to Mage arena) Add a lever at this place that brings you home Add webs to all the places they’re supposed to exist I.e Mage bank and this place (can’t remember the name) Remove the portal at wilderness agility course (getaway too easy) Nerf Statius warhammer, currently when you successfully land a special attack (meaning you do at least 1 damage) your opponents defence goes down to about 30. This is how it’s supposed to work: which requires 35% special attack and deals up to 50% more damage and lowers your opponent's Defence level by 30% Correct Korasi’s sword stats/make the spec work again Obtainability: Blood money Currently there’s two ways of gathering/getting blood money. Killing wilderness bosses. You get approx 100-200 blood money per wilderness boss kill. So let’s say you’ll have to kill 4600 wilderness bosses to buy Necklace of Anguish (700000/150) Sounds fair, doesn’t it? Player Killing You get between 130-300 BM per PLAYER KILL. Doesn’t matter what killstreak they’re on or how much they’re risking. Introduce hotspots Currently there’s no hotspots at all. A hotspot is essentially a designated area in wilderness that rewards you with more Blood money/PVP drops. These should shift between Edgeville dungeon, 44s portals, Rogues castle, West dragons, Mage bank, zombie graveyard and Chaos altar. Killstreaks & shutdowns Killstreaks just marginally improves the amount of blood money you’ll get by killing a player. I.e my alt is at 261 killstreak (insane I know) and I don’t receive more than 500 blood money EVER. Introduce shutdowns. If a player were to kill a player on a killstreak they’d be awarded by extra Blood money and high chance of receiving a PVP-drop. Artifacts: These bad boys have been slept on. If you trade in artifacts to the blood money store you receive COINS (???) and it’s not a large amount at all, quite depressing actually. The best artifact gives you 8M GP. That’s just messed up. They should reward you with BM and quite frankly, give a lot more than they do at this moment. (Remove the drops from revenants or make them more rare if you were to implement this) Blood money store Whoever made this shop was awfully high on crack cocaine. What on earth was going through your mind? Putting Bandos as one of the most valuable items. Currently blood money is priced 100k ea (ISH) That would mean a Bandos set is worth 8B GP. You can combat this issue easily. Either you lower all the store prices or make blood money easier to obtain. Core issues Mage prayer: This issue has existed far too long. Mage prayer doesn't negate any damage. Tread lightly with this one so you don’t mess it up even further (read this so you’ve got a general understanding) https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Protect_from_Magic Perma freeze: You’re currently able to permanently freeze a player which leads to them inevitably dying cause they couldn’t get away. The freeze effects shouldn’t overwrite the last one. The duration should be 20 seconds if someone successfully landed an Ice barrage. After the 20 seconds are over you’re supposed to get a 3 second immunity to any freezes. Doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new player that’s attacking you or if it’s still the same target. Pathing: Do I really need to explain this? Lag/delays: MOST players have got some kind of lag/delay while playing Simplicity. I’m not sure whether this is a packet loss issue or just a host issue. Sometimes my hits gets delayed by a few seconds, literally freezing the game leaving me wondering if i’ve killed my target or if i’m dead. Pid swaps: This is a thing in OSRS as well but it happens way too frequent on Simplicity. You can stake/fight a guy and PID has swapped 11 times in 20 hits, making you scared of risking your HP cause you don’t know whether he’s gonna get the PID all of the sudden.
  5. Please leave feedback boys, best of luck on the giveaway! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=393QGAH9Edc
  6. Divine winds

    All info is in the desc, feel free to give me feedback!
  7. Divine winds

    Nice meme
  8. Divine winds

    Hello peeps, you probably haven't missed me and I haven't really missed you either but here's a list to make the wilderness more profitable/bring more traffic. 1. Buff the PK artifacts, currently they're giving a low amount of coins, should be changed to blood money. 2. Fix the target interface, states your level, should state the targets level. 3. States the wrong combat bracket, im not able attacking level 70's at level 51 wild as it says. 4. Fix the super combat (4) picture in blood money store, lazy coding lol 5. Killstreak shutdown Add a reward/multiply the rewards you get by shutting someone's killstreak down. Also add an announcement to this for the extra sauce 6. Extra blood money on killstreak It says you receive more but that's utterly bs, I'm still receiving the same. 7. Remove the skeletal mage at level 20 wildy First of all, it isnt multi, and at level 20 wildy it isn't risky at all. It's a gold farm, they auto-aggro so you've no chance to even attack a player here. 8. The wilderness chest is also placed at that spot, makes 0 sense. It's supposed to be high risk high reward type of thing. 9. Add black chins at the osrs spot (make it profitable) 10. PKer of the Week event The one that kills the most players in a week wins a special prize 11. Add wildy slayer 12. HP Event add an npc with lets say 10k hp that doesn't hit you back and you cant use any of the new op weapons vs it. 13. Buff wildywyrm loot It's junk compared to any other boss tbf lmao 14. Buff callisto same story, different name. 15. Add 1x exp toggle in the wilderness Essentially you get fucked up exp drops in the wildy not knowing what you're hitting, could be synced with the osrs exp drops or just state the actual hit. 16. Add Rune pouch to BM store 17. Cache Issues I have a rune pouch with Barrage runes but the spell isn't highlighted. 18. Hc special attack re-add the handcannon special attack, stupid to remove it
  9. Divine winds

    This is just a dump of all my old simplicity videos: Pk videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4T8n9Dvf-I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjCWyaFBbIQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1-NGMY8MXs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B1Nr5x2GVg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Wt3vo35oxc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GD_zp06T8nw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xwVysVXSJk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUFTh4yMaAU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4OU62rl0AY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IsA8eLLEiQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfl9-YB7W90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeJfndkfHYw Gamble videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q5-SI37gHs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHLKRXav8Xs Box opening: https://youtu.be/_geoNeS05dU https://youtu.be/feibAe41_4s
  10. Divine winds

    I got banned for encouraging others to break rules when that's not the case at all, just cause i wouldnt show supreme chat logs from my discord doesnt mean im encouraging anyone to break the rules, im sorry if you thought so lol
  11. Divine winds

    when tf are u updating the pkp store tho
  12. Divine winds

    I'm not sure whether you know how rsps or rs works in general, just cause you're first on your screen doesn't mean you are first on other people's screens. Nice attempt, tho.
  13. Divine winds

    Let's adress some of the dumbest "issues" regarding wilderness, this is something that you guys implemented as rules, which makes fuck all sense: 7.3 Death Dotting "Standing under a player in the duel arena or wilderness in an attempt to give their opponent an advantage is against the rules and will result in being jailed" I'd understand this in edge or low level wilderness but this makes no sense in deep wilderness. 7.6 Wilderness Multilogging "One (1) person using more than one (1) account at a time to kill players is not allowed. You may have up to three (3) non-combatant skillers in the Wilderness at one time, or one (1) combatant account with up to two (2) non-combatant skillers" This once again makes zero sense, Dro has recently contacted me about bringing my pure to ww while im there with my main, stating it would lead to an infraction if I did not stop, why? You can legit bring 3x skillers to rogues castle with different combat levels and woodcut the magic tree (noted logs) and I'd have to log out or leave wilderness before bringing another account. I would agree on attacking the same target with your own accounts is unfair and against the rules, thats fine. But not being able to have a pure and a main in wilderness at the same time is literally really stupid. 7.7 Luring "Luring anyone to the wilderness with the intention of killing them is against the rules and will result in punishment" I dislike this rule but I can see why its been implemented to protect new players but yall be calling me a lurer as soon as I mention rogues castle lol. PKP Store revamp (these are the old points) Item name Current price New price/remove/add Tokhaar-kal 30 25 Fire cape 8 Same Dragon defender 8 Same Zaryte bow 45 40 Hand cannon 25 Same Dragon claws 65 50 Korasi 65 45 Dragon warhammer 55 45 Vesta’s chainbody 30 Same Vesta’s plateskirt 30 Same Statius full helm 5 10 Statius platebody 25 Same Statius platelegs 25 Same Ranger hat 12 Same Fighter hat 12 Same Fighter torso 12 15 Dragonfire shield 25 20 Steadfast boots 25 Same Glaiven boots 25 Same Ragefire boots 25 Same Dark bow 8 10 Abyssal whip 8 5 Robin hood hat 5 Same Ranger boots 5 Same Staff of light 20 Same Bandos godsword 35 20 Saradomin godsword 35 20 Zamorak godsword 35 20 Armadyl godsword 65 50 Saradomin sword 20 REMOVE Seers ring (i) 20 Same Archers ring (i) 20 Same Warriors ring (i) 20 Same Berserker ring (i) 20 Same Ring of the gods 25 Same Morrigan’s leather body N/a 25 Morrigan’s leather chaps N/a 25 Zuriels robe top N/a 25 Zuriels robe bottoms N/a 25 Rune pouch N/a 100
  14. Divine winds

    You've got to clarify some things lol, whats the new drops? Wheres the new locations?
  15. Divine winds

    I'd love it, or a teleport to bounty spell, also being able to see what wilderness the player is at would be such an advantage. At times I get a target and I could scavenge the enter wild looking for the dude just for him to be at edge level 3 afking, thats something we need to change. But let's be real, neither of this will ever be implemented lol
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