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  1. Second ever ruby box ive opened.
  2. Smashed it!
  3. Didn't know this was a thing, interesting if we do get stuff.
  4. Not sure how you overtook me, but turns out my accounts been banned lol
  5. I just want 2b xp capes added
  6. I love lamps!
  7. Don't gamble, its a bad idea haha. and are you the guy I gave a $10 scroll to so you got the donor rank?
  8. seeing as hydra has now gotta be the most popular boss in game, I think it deserves its own cape along side the nex - vorkath - raids ones. I don't know how people would feel about this, but just a nice little extra that could be added as hydra is pretty tough compared to the other bosses.
  9. I don't know about that, I cant imagine theres a lot of people who have? but yeah maybe refund the points or give them the cash it costs to buy a master cape in game?
  10. I don't think im the only one who thinks the capes in the donor store should be given to you at 2b xp instead of that shop. makes getting that much xp a little more worthwhile. please disagree or agree below
  11. I wanted to heart this, but it doesn't let you. so here <3
  12. yeah this sucks
  13. like the sound of these ideas.
  14. Lets go, OP sheep FTW.