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  1. Thats my issue. I seem to go to bed or go to work right before the tree moves. Some days i come home to like 50 bitternuts
  2. Downside is....people might never leave ::di lol. Everything would be there. I support the idea, just food for thought.
  3. I noticed today (worked a lot this week), the halloween boss seems to have fizzled out. What if you adjusted the hp a bit? Something like: 35k base hp + 2% per attacker/people in the hweenzone This wouldnt necessarily push the enthusiasm back into it, but I heard people grumble about the hp being an issue.
  4. I was thinking of possibly like a ::bitternut command which would tell you the time remaining before the tree moves. When i afk for a bit, sometimes a time remaining would help where i afk at. Im sure i am not the only one?
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