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  1. @ Couvee Jr has been promoted to Head Admin @ The heavens and @ rhysware has been assigned Trial Support Xelta has been demoted from his mod position rytech has resigned from his mod position we wish them the best of luck in there future endeavors
  2. i cant find anything about an account with that name at all
  3. hey join the discord and react to the rules and read me tab then make a ticket under support by clicking the emoji so higher ups can get you fixed
  4. Hey welcome to the server, i hope you continue to enjoy and have a great time with the amazing community and staff of the server! ❤️
  5. Ntho💛


    hey welcome to the server and best of luck asnd best of luck with the grind ❤️
  6. @ Jonnie has been promoted to Head Mod @ Finland has been promoted to Mod @ Rytech has been promoted to Mod @ Offline X has been promoted to Mod @ claytzzz has been promoted to Trail Support, we wish them best of luck as trial Huge congrats to everyone on promos all well deserved ❤️ Bucky and Stkdeath have been demoted we wish them the best of luck
  7. @ Discord Support @ Lausac @ Rytech have all passed there trails as support and are full fledge simp supports now, huge congrats 💜💙💛
  8. Welcome to the server, hope you enjoy it, if you ever have questions help cc is good and all staffs pm in-game should be open
  9. @ copskillcows Has been promoted to Head Moderator, well deserved. @ Lausac and @ Discord Support welcomed as are newest Trail support @ Bernard has been demoted, we wish him the best of luck.
  10. I responded to your pms, server is back up now sorry for the inconvenience
  11. Ntho💛

    Client wont open

    hey try using this to fix it https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html if that doesnt work you can join our discord and make a support ticket for us to help you fix it farther
  12. Keep up the fun videos love watching them ❤️
  13. Hey welcome to our wonderful community. I hope you enjoy the server and if you ever need help pms are open when I'm online ❤️
  14. all of it looks great! always cool to see different art uploaded ❤️
  15. Absolutely. Love mine. Thanks for all the hard work ❤️


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