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  1. all of it looks great! always cool to see different art uploaded ❤️
  2. Absolutely. Love mine. Thanks for all the hard work ❤️
  3. Yes I personally think the grind for it is fine. That's how comp should be that's why you get the special boss and monsters in the compzone. Plus the cape has better stats then boss capes besides overlord
  4. Only 7 more. The veteran title is normally what takes the longest though good luck on the grind! ❤️
  5. hey hey, we got a solid team set up already me @ G and @ Slowasshonda best of luck to all the other teams, i will take the captian spot as me and goose talked about it since im on forums alot anyway ❤️
  6. Can't wait for this event. Excellent idea ❤️
  7. Sign up for forums with your email
  8. make a forums account and pm me
  9. I'll have to think about it, I've been doing alright aswell, I'm glad things are looking up for you man. If you ever need anything discord pms are open ❤️
  10. hey ive seen you around the server since you started its been great to have you around, and i hope you keep enjoying the server, my pms are always open ingame if you need help or discord aswell ❤️
  11. Hey welcome to the community and I hope to see you around and grow with the server, we have great staff and an amazing community, best of luck on the grind! ❤️
  12. That'll be awesome man. Hope you've been doing well ❤️
  13. Awesome work on these man makes me want one now xD.
  14. So many amazing things in this update. Gonna see alot more people running tob for all that killer loot In it now. Amazing work on this update! Can't wait to get on and play tonight ❤️ ❤️
  15. Good luck and if you need any tips on any of the achievements feel free to message me. ❤️


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