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  1. i went through every thread in the guides to make this so its easier to direct new players to a guide on here hopefully it helps everyone out golden guide thread numbers and names ::thread 1084 for monsters and milestones ::thread 210 magic well items and chances ::thread 1445 special bonus item guide ::thread 1329 tournamnet guide ::thread 2498 crafting guide ::thread 2481 voting guide ::thread 272 Treasure island guide ::thread 2295 all in one bossing guide ::thread 1833 black screen and loading workaround ::thread 44 trivia answers ::thread 169 skill guide directory ::thread 1169 all in one new player guide ::thread 1129 guide to server events ::thread 1155 easy clue scroll loot ::thread 27 clue scroll locations ::thread 1131 simplicity bosses ::thread 490 beginners guide to money ::thread 1088 bossmonster guide/directory ::thread 488 frequently asked questions PVM guides thread numbers and names ::thread 3356 kraken quick guide ::thread 3352 video guide to nex ::thread 577 simple guide to zulrah ::thread 3327 short guide to frost drags ::thread 1388 corporeal beast guide ::thread 1734 infernal cape guide by trippin ::thread 2315 solo TOB ::thread 2529 workath guide ::thread 1077 simple hydra guide ::thread 2090 how to olm raids ::thread 1739 Ancient wyvern guide ::thread 1729 raids 2 Theater of blood ::thread 1728 raids 1 chamber of xerics ::thread 1318 cows guide ::thread 1168 TOB guide ::thread 286 Slayer guide ::thread 596 indepth solo/duo olm guide ::thread 579 vorkath killing guide ::thread 512 simple guide to inferno ::thread 344 demonic gorilla guide ::thread 252 great olm guide low level gear ::thread 114 cghs noob corp guide Skilling guide ::thread 87 99 mining guide ::thread 2889 afk spots ::thread 2563 prayer guide ::thread 2548 Firemaking guide ::thread 1807 fishing guide ::thread 1600 smithing guide ::thread 1607 herb exp table ::thread 1175 99 cooking guide ::thread 549 construction guide ::thread 428 indepth farming guide ::thread 545 summoning guide ::thread 86 runecrafting guide minigames ::thread 2905 treasure island ::thread 2904 jad guide misc guides ::thread 2578 how to make the ice twisted bow and where to get the items ::thread 2429 prestige shop guide ::thread 2387 craftable items guide ::thread 2373 beginners money making guide ::thread 1334 achievement skill guide ::thread 1752 completionist tips/rewards ::thread 1877 pets guide ::thread 1214 elite clue loot ::thread 1681 crystal key loot ::thread 1507 iron efficiency guide ::thread 1185 simple tarn guide ::thread 1171 skeletsl mystic money making guide ::thread 858 client wont run fix ::thread 693 from zero to hero guide ::thread 624 rocktails as non donor ::thread 616 account security guide ::thread 107 how to buy and sell on pos
  2. St.loui home of travs and thats about it
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