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  1. Looking good boys, Dev team killing it right now! Can't wait to see what's planned for the future.
  2. Minh


    To have sound enabled, you must go to the Quest tab > Scroll down to "Account Information" > Go to "Musics" and "Sounds" then click on it. It will turn on the sound effects in game.
  3. Minh


    You can purchase teleport focus that allows you to teleport to target for 100m from Explorer Jack.
  4. You could always right click the pouch > examine money pouch to view the exact cash amount
  5. Minh

    GFX Showcase

    Bump. Finished No Namer's signature. Nah different person
  6. Minh

    GFX Showcase

    Willing to do GFX work for people for a price. HMU on Discord @ Minh#6137 to discuss.
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