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whip 2 ags

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  1. Awesome work my man, cheers for going the extra effort ❤️
  2. That brownie loooks soooo inviting..... Happy belated birthday man, hope you had a good one
  3. Grats Katt and thank you Stickle
  4. Well with us already being able to use Dragon scim/rune plate those two wouldnt really fit I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a custom quest.
  5. I can just imagine my luck of getting a bronze scim in a supreme box even though its not on the drop table Great vid ❤️
  6. Now you should use them all ❤️
  7. I like this idea, but as stoner said make it untradeable.
  8. I like the idea, but what quests would you suggest and why? Also, you can get a Quest Point cape from the Vote shop for 75 vote points.
  9. Congratulations all around Good job fellas
  10. ign: whip 2 ags round 19: hand cannon shot
  11. Welcome to Da Hub! Enjoy your time here
  12. nice channel, but some real cringy titles haha
  13. I agree with the 35k hp, but not the 2% per attacker. A 15k drop in the hp is a fair bit as it is +1
  14. Well there is no tournament guy, bitternut tree, boss/trivia shop, a lot more things to name at home that will still keep the donators at home


play now
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