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  1. I don't know how possible it is but would be nice if graphic would be improved a bit. For example some of skillcapes don't look right.
  2. What about some Easier like one for Ava's Accunulator and ability to make one? And Ernest the chicken since it happens on same location?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZw99wNASCk&feature=youtu.be Video to NEX guide enjoy!
  4. My suggestions are Monkey Madness, Deser Quest, Ritual of Manjhharr (or something similiar) Nomads Quest Also Dragon quests I think people would like to have more to do
  5. Maybe adding some more quests would be good idea IMO because it would make playing much more interesting. Also trying to get quest cape (All completed quests) is something I've ever wanted to do
  6. I would like to say my thanks to Moderators Akimbo and Kattrockbell, they are quick to respond very helpful and true Mods Thanks to both!
  7. SynerGX2

    My Creations

    I can create all kind of Graphic content PM me to get yours
  8. Amazing guide! Good work, it's very simple to follow and it makes Zulrah much much easier following your guide
  9. SynerGX2's Frost dragons guide 1. How to get there: 1.a) You can get to frost dragons via Monsters portal which is located in your spellbook: 1.b) Choose Monsters ---> Frost Dragons and it will teleport you there pic host 2.Equipment / Inventory *You don't have to have exactly same Equipment / Inventory since there is alot of variations how people do it. Im just showing whats working for me 2.a) Equipment 2.b) Inventory upload 3. Fighting Frosts: 3.a) When you teleport in make sure you drink Antifire potiion AND have Dragonfireshield or Antifire Shield Equipped otherwise Frost dragons will kill you very quickly and this applies for all dragons on Simplicity (Green,Blue,Red,Bronze,Iron,...) 4.Additional tips: 4.a) Antifire poison lasts 6 minutes that is enough for 3-5 kills with my equipment with better equipment like Torva and Chaotic it can get you anywhere near 10 kills per 6 minutes 4.b) Dragon bones are good way to earn money (Around 350k ea in POS) but it is also very good xp for Prayer, when you have enough Frost D bones just do ::Altar and use them on altar, TAKE OFF ALL YOUR ARMOUR BEFORE GOING THERE SINCE ::ALTAR IS LOCATED DEEP IN WILDERNESS 5. Drops: 5.a) Frost dragons ALWAYS drops dragon bones, but also pay attention for Draconic Visage which can be used to made Dragonfire shield That's all from my side if you like it leave a like, im also open to any ideas how to improve that guide IGN:Synergx2 Enjoy!
  10. Ofcourse it's my favourite server already best one I've ever played on
  11. Hello my name is Nejc im 24 yeaars old and im very friendly, if anyone needs help ingame my IGN is SynerGX2, I have tons of experience from other RSPS most of them ended shut down :) I hope im going to enjoy my stay there. 😎


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