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  1. Need help finding, killing, mastering Zulrah? Look no further! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I. Introduction To Zulrah & Understanding: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zulrah is a multi-phase snakling boss that attacks with all 3 combat styles: Magic, Ranged, and Melee. You will only be using ranged to kill this boss. Use this guide below to judge which prayer to use on which phase. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ II. Gear Setups: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ [Low Tier] ~ Estimated Kill Times: 1:30~2:00 Kills Per Hour: ~25 ~ [Mid Tier] ~ [Upgrade to Magma Blowpipe Possible] [Use Rune Darts in Blowpipe] Estimated Kill Times: 0:50~1:20 Kills Per Hour: ~35 ~ [Max Tier] ~ Estimated Kill Times: 0:30-0:40 Kills Per Hour: ~50 [Reasoning behind lower food with each upgrade is with better gear you are tankier, as long as you get the prayers right when fighting zulrah, you shouldn't need more than whats pictured.] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ III. How To Get There: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zulrah can be found at ::home or ::home2 by talking to the NPC "Master Zulri" or ::zulrah ::Home ::Home2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IV. Strategies: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enter Zulrah lair by following step 3 and talking to "Master Zulri" Once in there pray range and run to the spot circled to the north-west and begin attacking Be sure to turn on Eagle Eye or Rigour if you have 80 prayer Zulrah will ALWAYS start with its three phases in this order Green [Pray Range] -> Red [Pray Melee] -> Blue [Pray Magic] *It is possible Zulrah will skip these two phases and go right to the Ranged Poision cloud phase* After those phases, zulrah will to all the way to the south, and begin placing her poison clouds I never attempt to attack it when its at this phase, as its (somewhat) out of range and will drag you into the poison clouds After that poison cloud phase, it will spawn back in the center with Melee Zulrah will then go back to Mage but on the West Side By this time Zulrah should already be killed, if not, stay in the same place the whole time and pray its phases accordingly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ V. Loot ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Zulrah will VERY COMMONLY drop these items, making it very sturdy/profitable way of money: ~ Raw Rocktail [50k-75k via the market price] Runite Ore [100k-150k via the market price] Adamant Bar [78k ea sold back to Mining Instructor] Coal [7k-10k via the market price] Magic Logs [14k ea sold back to Firemaking Instructor] Caskets [Varies, Includes a lot of sell-able skilling items if opened] 2.5M Cash [At these prices, Zulrah is a good 35-50m h/r with no rare drops] ~ Zulrah will RARELY drop these items: ~ [These Items don't go for more than 5m ea] ~ Zulrah will VERY RARELY drop these items, at a rate of 1 in 900 [1/900]: ~ Magma Helmet: 290m-320m Magma blowpipe: 1.6b-1.8b Toxic blowpipe: 300m-400m Serpentine Helmet: 400m-500m Diamond mystery box: 600m-1b Pegasian boots: 900m-1b ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope this guide helps, if there is anything that needs to be tweaked please feel free to add me in game 'Cyrex' and tell me or leave a post below and ill be sure to edit it!
  2. Fixed thanks! I had no idea
  3. Heres a list of my suggestions that could possibly be added into the game as QOL improvements! Fix Olms lagging hands / head, this will make it easier to run the head and not get damaged Fix Olm to where his hands are not attackable after you killed that phase Fix every 1/50 (estimate) olms his head or hands dont even spawn in Remove AFK tree its Febuary Slightly increase amount of Dungoneering tokens you receive, at current rate Complexity 4 you receive 4k per run, making it 50 runs for 1 chaotic and 375 runs for 1 primal weapon, when you could just get it from a mystery box. General stores refresh rate should be increased as "Gold fragments", "Evil tree kindling", "Magic roots", and "Juniper logs" currently flood it. Frost dragon (Wilderness) currently takes you to a safe location of frost dragons, not in the wilderness Possibly add boss killcount after each kill Attacking with Magma blowpipe shows normal blowpipe skin Mining with 3rd age pickaxe shows inferno adze skin
  4. YES YES YES 100%, Id love to see this added to the game, would get more players to try out those bosses, and give more variety when doing slayer tasks. Agree
  5. Yeah I Agree with this topic, just because the Christmas AFK tree is still in-game even thought its February. I don't think evil tree's and crashed stars should drop LMB's just because it would still lower the price and put more in the game, and LMB's were only dropping from the AFK tree because its an event thing. I would say maybe let the tree/stars have a rare chance at dropping a dragon pickaxe or a dragon hatchet. Nothing that involved mystery boxes.
  6. Hello Simplicity Peeps! Names Josh, go by the in game name of Cyrex. Got the name from the CS:GO skin Cyrex [Which is my favorite]. Ive been playing Runescape in general for over 14 years, started playing RSPS's about 6 years ago. Currently a full time student studying computer subjects like OPT & Graphic Design Currently living in the states, California to be specific. Known to be very competitive and get frustrated easily, so apologies ahead of time I look forward to growing with the community! <3
  7. By no means am I a professional (so go easy on me :P), currently enrolled in classes to further my graphic design passion. <3 If you like my work and are interested, let me know via ingame or forums DM! By no means am I a professional, currently enrolled in classes to further my graphic design passion. <3
  8. Very unique style, it almost looks retro to me, very cool!
  9. Interesting series, I always love watching Rags to Riches, it really does help out new players as they can follow exactly in your footsteps and become very successful. You got a new fan!