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  1. Took you a while. C'grats lad!
  2. Jumping in late. Here is my demon hunter themed outfit.
  3. 150k? You are one determined woman, might even pull that off. Best of luck dear!
  4. Now that is epic. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Welcome to the community, Darcie! If you ever need anything, feel free to shoot me a pm in-game and I will do my best to help out.
  6. How did you find about Simplicity?: Saw an ad on facebook and decided to check it out. That definitely was a great decision. What is your favorite gamemode?: I really enjoy my normal account but realism is something I have grown very fond of. your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: Stealing Mak3 corporeal beast pets/chatting with other people/hunting for pets If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: A knife How would you rate the server from 1-10?: Why this even a question? 10 What's your IGN?: Kreatiivs
  7. Kreatiivs


    Lemme jump on this selfie thing. 😏 Me how I usually would look like but covid has tempered with that and me today, very ruskii mood.
  8. Hey there lady. You sure are a lot of fun to be around with. 😂 See yo in-game!
  9. Kreatiivs


    Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy your stay and looking forward to seeing you ingame.
  10. Yeah, the acid sometimes can't be seen and you can only guess which tiles are the ones you need to avoid. Keep moving till you don't get poisoned anymore for now.
  11. An Insurance broker. Been here for almost 2 and a half years. Mainly focusing on cars insurance.
  12. Welcome lad. Hopefully will have the chance to have a chat at some point.
  13. Hey dude, welcome to the community! Glad to have you. ✌️
  14. I like the idea, might attract more people to skilling in general.
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