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  1. Yeah, the acid sometimes can't be seen and you can only guess which tiles are the ones you need to avoid. Keep moving till you don't get poisoned anymore for now.
  2. An Insurance broker. Been here for almost 2 and a half years. Mainly focusing on cars insurance.
  3. Welcome lad. Hopefully will have the chance to have a chat at some point.
  4. Hey dude, welcome to the community! Glad to have you. ✌️
  5. I like the idea, might attract more people to skilling in general.
  6. Hey everyone! I am Kreatiivs, been playing here for a while now and since I don't plan on leaving anytime soon, decided to become more active on the forums aswell and introduce myself properly. My name is Krišjānis (could be hard for some to spell lol), I am 25 years old and I am from Latvia, a small country in the Baltic states. About me a bit. Been in sports my whole life, the same thing with music. Played floorball for over 10 years but sadly an injury ended my path there at one point in the past. Last few years beach volleyball has been my thing as my love for the game has only grown. Thanks to my parents that kept throwing me into any sports the could I feel like I could do anything. During winters, if there is a chance I love to go skiing. Huge mountain, fresh air and a few killometers to slide down, love the feeling. As for singing, been doing that since I was 3. Mostly choir music which might seem lame to you, but that way I've been able to travel the world with almost no expenses so thats pretty cool. Australia, China, Sweden, Finland, Austria and many many more countries. I've been on and off Oldschool runescape since i was like 10 so I've built a great attachment to the game and keep returning to it in many ways. Can't say that I've achieved anything on oldschool tho. Probably too lazy or other reasons, who knows. Other than runescape, i play also CSGO and sometimes Among us. I spend more time watching TV series and movies so don't be surprised to see me on the server doing afk stuff a lot. That's a short summary from me. Wish you all a great day and see you all in the server!
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