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  1. Hey people .. i had came to simp a little while back and sadly suffered with computer problems decided to build another and well here I am back. glad to see the community is still around. Excited to meet some new people aswell see you all in-game
  2. Im trying to get a feed like that tho ^^^
  3. Soo ive been around for like 2 days now, finally decided to make this forums account and heres what I have to say.. 1. A majority of what i see as a small but nice sized community is really cool. Friendly easy going and there to answer some questions. Then there are the few greased up chunky buttery children that have really come at me some typa way.... I think its pretty funny just wanted to get that out there 2. Economy seems like its moving towards a somewhat stable situation it kind of seems to be at the dying end of a frenzy frfr.. But i like how the droprates arent insane althooooo a little somethin somthin to put in my bank would be nice every now and then 3. Fuck introducting myself just pm me and say whatsup to me if you catch me in-game , im excited to join a server thats not overpopulated out its ass, or loaded with hundreds of customs.. I heard how the servers been thru new ownerships recently and gotten better. Im excited to see whats to come in the future - Zero