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  1. Owner Arthur: Never met him. But want to because we're int he same timezone. Kevin: Great and friendly guy. He might just be one of the best owners of a RSPS I've ever seen. Moderator Stickle: He helped me alot during my first three weeks. After that he was always ready with an answer or anything else within the first 5 minutes. Greatest moderator i've seen so far. He just instantly feels as your friend. People like him make you feel welcome on a server like this! Forum Moderator Akimbo: This guys is very helpful. He's ready for you whenever you need him. Every time i had a question it was immediatly solved. Great Mod! Global Moderator Kattrockbell: Great moderator! Really kind and helpfull even if you have a "dumb" question! Great person to have a chat with as well! Server Support Scott: Awesome guy. Helped me alot with everything. Always available for help if needed! Great support! Gemoedsrust: Talked to him a couple times. He is a friendly and a helpful guy. Great support. Whip 2 Ags: Haven't had very much chat with him. But everytime i see him or hear of him he is helpfull and friendly. These are just al the staff-members I really engaged with. But i'm looking forward to meeting everyone!
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