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  1. What about the acid that needs walked that shows in normal game too? That gets me almost every time because I don't see it in time.
  2. With it seemingly being at 7:30am less and less, shouldn't it just not say a start time when someone does "::cows," when the event isn't active? For instance it could just say "The cow massacre event is currently inactive, please check back later". Just saying this because I wake up at 7:30am to attend on some days and it doesn't run. Even though Lexi was on this morning it didn't run. Thinking about just giving up on attending cows, like I did with the broken voting. No votes in a couple weeks for me, since I had to contact staff for scrolls two days in a row. EDIT *My main ingame is actually Maxxus_Thull didn't realize I was logged into Iamhardcore on the site*
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