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  1. that makes it that much easier to incorporate it so everyone can. thanks for the info
  2. i think it would be great to add the feature to use "tab" to reply to people who are not on your friends list it will make helping players who randomly pm u out much better and not having to add everyone just cause your trying to sell an item. also think it would help out staff so they basically don't have everyone ever on added haha also would be great if we could fix the flick the pm issue that happens sometimes(i assume that would fix it 100%) seeing how they wouldn't need to be ur friend but it may still show them as offline so im not sure but may kill 2 birds with 1 stone
  3. great update thanks for all the time and work you put in
  4. then lets think of a new elite achievement together, like kill every boss monster once to replace well. much harder and much more elite , either current comped players get grandfathered in or they have to go and kill the set list of mobs
  5. great guide man, should help alot of people out when they cant find a team or in low gear and having problems
  6. i could agree with this instead of just completely not degradable as well would fix all 3 prices to in one to a point. where they all r relevant again +1
  7. specific boss drops do sell and because of well thats making more items sell as well, also making less of mid tier gear raising their prices along with lowering the prices of he high tier gear. but useless boss drops will never sell like zhs and hasta. if we could make use for those items they would definetly sell. i dont think its a lack of coins i think its a lack of need for most boss drops. i mean outside of like 3 bosses every other drop is practically useless atm.. but i mean i also think regular monsters need to be worth doing as well, i mean lava were good still decent and the hydra slayer dungeon was good for money as well. but now its terrible, and no one goes. basically just monsters sitting there taking up space for nothing because its not worth killing
  8. i said either move them all to ::afk or possibly even make them donor regulated, i mean i think every donor rank should have an afk money maker better than the last, why only give it to ruby and gold? but thats just an opinion. so were on the same page there and yes its an achievement and the achivement would still be there, i just would haven't to wait 25 hours. i could drop 1b in and bam 25 more hours of well is available. None of that had anything to do with comp just in general making more people able to do it at anytime would be nice and some people have more money and wouldn't mind dropping say 500m and then logging off ya know? just kinda keeps the well always going. and anyone who needs achievement can put in as much as they need at anytime instead of waiting.(does that make more sense to you) and well despite pvp being degradable or not we need more mid tier weapons, and that would take either some stat boost on weapons or introducing new items into the game( not saying customs) but maybe custom stats? im fine with either tbh as long as the whole server doesn't be come a custom server. im sure if a group of us got together and talked we could figure out some items/ stats that would make an in between from maxed combat and low/ mid tier combat gears.
  9. well being i haven't been playing as long as you i was not aware of this situation. it is has been bad before i will agree no need for it. and remove it from my suggestions thanks for the info
  10. *so to decrease some home lag/clutter maybe set up a spot specifically for the afk patch, afk tree and the afk fish. ::afk could be the command. or possibly make westerfish bronze donor+, patch(its more money) silver donor+, and so on like gold tree has. and maybe even add a sapphire, and emerald afk money maker. *Uhm prices r getting kinda crazy which is good and bad. its nice to know u can now go to warmonger and get a drop thats worth 5-7b. but at the same time, i personally thing that there is just to much coins in the game and not enough ways to get them out.( any thoughts on this would be great). *Make it so well can be filler even when its not empty and so it stacks. if i put in 1b its 25 hours worth. I see no reason this should affect anyone or anything negatively(also helps with a little money sink). *Another money sink could be require XXX amount of cash to use the Upgrade well. like to throw in an item cost 100m.(doesn't have to be that amount just a random number) *100% agree with other post on donation zones needing upgraded and or revamped *I think pvp armour should become non degradable again. it basically became useless now, and everyone goes from arma to pernix. the other 2 combat styles don't even matter here because they are currently useless unless you have scythe or sang staff. which leads me to next suggestion. *all 3 combat styles need some more mid tier weapons, going from mbp-tbow is a huge jump, same for vork whip-scythe(no one uses melee unless they have scythe), and last sang staff is literally the only time magic is used unless someone is attacking afk dummy for achievement. *Would be nice to implement some regular non boss monsters that are even worthwhile to kill, the new hydra slayer dungeon was great then it got buffed monsters and debuffed drops. one of the 2 wouldn't be bad but both made it where no one even goes there so its useless content. *commands for bosses and locations would be great that doesn't already have them like ::zulrak, ::vorkath,::nex, ect *Bring back the 10 minutes untill *** event boss timers Any opinions would be great. That's all I could think of right now
  11. +1 to this for sure we need more mid tier gear between mbp-tbow. and same for melee and magic as well
  12. i like the idea of a double mine from 3rd age pic. that doesn't sound bad at all! totally support that. and i just used chaotics as i couldn't think of anything else. but i agree cosmetics more so imo. and thanks for the support guys
  13. I think it would be nice for the well to be able to add to it. not only for the achivement but would also be benefitial for if no one wealthy is on at the time and someone wanted to throw in extra but would be logging soon. wouldn't really affect much and only downside i could see is like the "donation exp benefits" it would reset when the server is updated and or reset. Some more mid tier weapons and armour, off the top of my head i cant name any(give me time I'm sure i could figure some out. there is just a beyond huge gap from items like mbp>tbow. and basically melee and magic doesn't have to much to aim for outside of scythe and or sang staff( thamms sceptre is not to bad though because its blood barrage damage buff) but its still aroudn 5b where the next best option is barraging or using a trident which is like 200-300m somehow adding a scale to dung wouldn't be to terrible, since atm the best option is like 4.2-4.5k tokens per floor and thats doing solo. so kinda no real need to bring a team once youve gotten atleast a primal weapon. an overall revamp of the boss points shop, trivia shop. not saying anything crazy. maybe just add some cosmetics, or just lower tier weapons stuff like chaotics, just something thats useful and makes the shop a little more worthwhile. for donors a rune ore that had mroe than 1 ore would be decent, since we do have a magic tree that doesn't disappear(if none disappear then i guess ignore this one) but would still be cool. im probably biased i hate mining as a whole. cant think of anything else off the top of my head and if anyone has anything to add to it or that i possible missed i would be more than happy with the thoughts and options i may have overlooked. Also would love a ::zulrah command, any instanced based bosses that you have to teleport back and fourth to is so much nicer to have a :: command added


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