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  1. Right now, I'm a student, but my study path is eventually going to lead me into becoming a Social Worker, so that's that. I major in Sociology but research isn't for me : I'm really looking into getting involved with people directly.
  2. I did say that I talk a lot, so that might've been why lol. But thank you! Glad to be here.
  3. Hey! Thought I'd drop by to introduce myself! I go by Sweater Paws or Eli, I'm 21 and I live in Canada. I speak both French and English fluently, and I major in Sociology w/ a concentration on Gender, Diversity and Equity, and a minor in German studies. My interests include Runescape ( I wouldn't be here if it wasn't an interest of mine lmao ), and I've been playing rsps servers on and off for almost as long as I've been playing Runescape, which is about 10-15 years. Hopefully, I'm gonna stick around here for a little longer, I've been having a lot of fun and I've been making some friends. Something you might've noticed about me is how much I talk, so if you'd like to chat, just hit me up in game ! I love music! I'm open to all kinds, but I mostly stand in pop punk, math rock, post hardcore and things of the sort. To give you a more specific answer, my favourite bands are Dance Gavin Dance and Delta Sleep. I used to sing a lot, and I own a bass guitar that I kind of know how to play sometimes. Another fairly important thing to know about me is that I'm trans. I don't want to be annoying because I know how some people can be about that stuff. I go by he/him pronouns, and that is also why, if you ever see me in a voice channel, I sound like a literal teenager. We're working on that though, I'm seeing some voice cracks! I'll finish this off by saying that I own two pet rats, named Codsworth and Nolan : ) I only have a picture of one of them, but they're twins so you're not missing out on a lot lol. I know not everyone likes rats, so I'll put the image into spoilers.
  4. I'm not sure how feasible that would be in terms of how much power exactly they'd want to give a 'non-staff player. Being able to kick/teleport is already a pretty huge power, and all it takes is a player with that power to go haywire when no staff is on to remedy the situation. But then again, that's a problem with every staff member if there isn't anyone above them to remedy the situation. But from what I understand from the role of support members, it'd maybe be better to just make them support members since that seems to be the role that they fill. To remedy the part about people not being online at times where support is needed, I think asking new applicants when they'd be most likely to play would give you an idea of when you have staff, times where there's less people, and help you better pick what timezones you need staff in the most. Of course timezones shouldn't be the main reason someone's picked for staff ( and it would be dumb to pick off of that lol ). Back when I did something similar to staff management, though, asking this was part of my ''it would be cool if you had this but it's really not that important'' part of what I was looking for. Another solution would be to integrate another rank under the already existing support rank, but I think that'd just be superfluous if you put it in the same chain of progression as Support. Someone who does this to help might not want to eventually get promoted to moderator, and are simply doing that to kill time / help in a way that doesn't put on them the same kind of stress that being a moderator does. So creating a new position completely detached from the current staff lineup, and it basically being a staff position of its own that doesn't really feed into the ''i'm gonna be a mod one day'' tree could be a way to approach the trusted player position. I think that if a role like that were to be implemented, it'd have to be in something like that, where they have a staff position that holds them accountable for what they do with the power they have, not that they wouldn't be held accountable otherwise, but making it something ''official'' official kind of shows that it's a serious thing and not just a fun power you can get if you're a good boy/girl for a few weeks. Hopefully that made sense lol. I do agree though that most staff seems to be online at a very specific time, and that there's little to no one the rest of the day.
  5. Looks good! Something that'd be pretty cool too would be to pour resin in the open part with some kind of glow-in-the-dark pigment. Or make part of in filament that glows in the dark, if that's even a thing.


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