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  1. Verified 22 scrolls, 5 sites - I do recommend using ::discord in the future.
  2. verified, meet me ingame at :::home2
  3. traded, closing topic ❤️
  4. verified, refer to topic 4475 if it is not me online so they can see it is verified
  5. can't tell for sure, but good question - curious to see if something is found
  6. The drop table was just recently updated for olm. Since then, the olm drops have been noticeably better.
  7. I'll second the szone, the zone is useful only for kingly imps, which there are only two. I go there when I want to be alone.
  8. You're a real simp simp! Gz, and only 3h25m played
  9. I think you've described why I don't farm raids. I've never gotten anything better than dragon ice arrows - and I always end up going back to hydra or moles.
  10. One idea is adding a money making guide as a command - like ::moneymaking or ::newb
  11. Meme jokes are only funny for like, 5 years, max.


play now
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