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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Let's see what everyone else has to say! But for Suggestion 5, I think it'd be nice to have a regen for pking, so we wouldn't have to wait for spec regen as much, OR, needa repot/heal.
  2. PvP Suggestions: 1.) Rework the amount of PK Points you get per kill; From my 1 test w/ a Player, the amount of PK Points you get doesn't really make PKing beneficial at all, because there really is NO point in PKing for the items in the PKP shop because 1 point per kill, with the current wilderness activity would amount to literally sitting there for days to achieve 50 kills to buy an AGS or w/e is sold for 50 points! That isn't really worth it in my opinion, because your time can be spent elsewhere making money to buy that AGS. What I'd like to suggest is a rework for the amount of PKP you get a kill, depending on your killstreak. For example; 0-2 Killstreak; 1 PKP 3-5 Killstreak; 2 PKP 6-7 Killstreak; 3 PKP 8-9 Killstreak; 4 PKP 10-11 Killstreak; 5 PKP 12-13 Killstreak; 6 PKP 14-15 Killstreak; 7 PKP and so on up until 29-30 Killstreak; 15 PKP. If this system is added for PKP rewards after killig a player, that'd mean the prices would have to be adjusted accordingly for the current PKP shop so items aren't acquired easily, but easier than before making PVP slightly good for money making. Examples for prices; Tokhaar Kal - 60 PKP Fire Cape - 25 PKP Dragon Defender - 10 PKP Cannon - 50 PKP Vestas/Statius Pieces - 50-60 PKP, Excluding helm which sits at 15 PKP. Ranger hat/fighter hat - 25 or 30 PKP Fighter Torso - 30 PKP Dragonfire Shield - 50 PKP Glacor boots - 80 PKP Dbow/Whip - 25 PKP Robin/Rangers - 15 PKP SOL - 30 PKP Godswords - 100 PKP Armadyl Godsword - 500 PKP Sara Sword - 30 PKP Imbued Rings - 50 PKP You get it - basically 2-3x the price ^^ Mainly 2x. Suggestion 2.) PvP Drop Table So after talking to a few players I was informed that there is infact a table for PvP that can give you PvP Armours or something along those lines for killing players in the wilderness, and that gave me an idea! What if there was a way to make items that were ::empty'd (As Long as they fit a specific list, can't just be anything) would be put on the PvP table for someone in the future to get a drop. For example, let's say I empty a Toxic Blowpipe. That Blowpipe would then be 'recycled' into the PvP Drop Table, and when someone is pking and they hit said drop table, they have a chance of rolling that BP and getting it as a drop instead of the pvp armour/weapon. Suggestion 3.) Game Mode OR Command Allow players to choose another game mode "PvP Mode" which simply allows you to set your stats (Str, Att, Def, Range, Prayer, Magic, Summoning, HP) to 99. This would bring in players who want to join the server and just start PKing! OR - if you don't like ^ idea. Add a command such as ::PVP or ::PVPMODE that activates a mode (Strictly for PVP use) that lets you set stats - ONLY COMBAT + Prayer/Summoning - and will reset your stats back to normal once you leave the vicinity of edgeville/the wilderness. Suggestion 4.) Dr Ford. Add an NPC called Dr. Ford, or Nurse to ::Edge so players can reheal their HP/Prayer/Spec every ~5/10 Minutes. Non-Donator - 10 minutes $20 Donator - 5 Minutes - Next Tier - 2 minutes - Next Tiers - 0 Minutes! Suggestion 5.) PvP Pet! Add a 'death' pet to the PKP shop for 1k PKP so that who ever buys it can show off their accomplishment! https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Tiny_Death ^ this lil fella!