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  1. Hey Deep, it's nice to see that you've done this! I told you, once you've completed all the achievements, this will be something that you'll look back on and be proud of the journey that you've completed to achieve your goal. Keep updating this and I'll be excited to see more content! If you need any help on your journey or any advice, feel free to PM me Good luck! R M B T
  2. Thanks Pocky, I will sure to PM you when I need 1k glories doing ❤️
  3. How did you find about Simplicity?: I was looking for a PVM rsps as I was absence for a while from servers, came across on moparscape. What is your favorite gamemode?: Normal, I am trying to achieve comp, currently 6 achievements off but I am on a challenge afterwards to complete comp on an ironman. Lets take on a challenge for 2021! Your favorite activity to do in Simplicity?: PVMing, I'm not the best so I enjoy killing anything that my gear can do. If you could bring 1 thing to a deserted island, what would it be?: A large blanket (to keep the sun off myself and make shade to prevent heat stroke). How would you rate the server from 1-10?: Obvs 10, I have devoted my spare time in playing this game whenever I can! What's your IGN?: R M B T
  4. R M B T


    A picture of myself, my partner and my daughter whilst in Edinburg Castle last year.
  5. Hi All, For those who know me in game know that I am trying to achieve completion status by completing all the achievements. I have done all of the EASY/MEDIUM and majority of the HARD achievements with 3 left to complete. I've got one of the hardest achievements out of the way... Took a while to achieve but finally nearly there. Next to do is to achieve the 10k monster kill, craft 1k Amulet of Glory's and obtain 500k Loyalty Points! Shouldn't take too long 💀 My goal is to achieve this by the end of the month (February 2021) but if not, definitely by the end of March. Please look out for updates! Thanks for reading -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update I have just achieved the 100 kingly imp's -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another update, I have now completed 8k Blood runes! I have currently 5 achievements left. 1k Glories, 10k monsters and 500k Loyalty points then I'm completed! Wish me luck! Currently 1k Dragonstone amulets done, time to enchant... AND ITS DONE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now completed 1k Torstol's I now currently have 2.5k monsters to kill and a load of Loyalty points to grind out which may time some time! Eek! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now the grind is over... Only one achievement left now is the Loyalty Points! I'll update once I'm done Kind regards, Adam
  6. Good luck with the mining! Takes a while to grind but it's all fun when you've got to smelt them as well! Good luck in your adventure dude.
  7. ****Update**** Now a platinum member. Thanks
  8. Username - R M B T Screenshot - Thanks. Kind regards, Adam
  9. How long has people been playing on Simplicity for? I'm currently sat at 341:29 hrs.


    time played.png

  10. Nice tutorial/guide on how to do bosses! Definitely helped me out as I'm not the greatest at bossing/pvming! Great attention to detail too, 10/10 ❤️
  11. R M B T


    QUESTS Is there a possibility of adding more quests to the game? Rather than the only 2. For the quest rewards, maybe there can be some cosmetics rewards or some weapons/gear but nothing too powerful but nothing too weak for some new starters? Not sure what quests you can/could implement but it would be nice to see
  12. Great Guy, Helps with everything with no hesitation keep up the great work! 

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