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  1. R M B T

    Mega Slayer Guide

    @ Syrex A very great and detailed slayer guide! Very much appreciated and this will be beneficial for all new and old players! Well done, keep up the great work my dude! Regards, R M B T
  2. Very nice guide Teno, very detailed. Regards, RMBT
  3. @ Clay Has been promoted to Moderator! Congratulations. @ sunsetj Has decided to resign from his Moderator position. @ Deezus Has been demoted from his Support position
  4. @ MuRado has passed his Trial period and has now became a Server Support. @ Discord Support Has been demoted due to inactivity.
  5. N/A @ Kattrockbell Has decided to resign, we wish her the best in the future.
  6. @ Kattrockbell Has been promoted to Server Support! @ Ders Has been promoted to Server Support! @ Deezus Has been promoted to Server Support! @ Garbage bin Has been promoted to Server Support! @ MuRado Has been promoted to Trial Server Support! Congratulations to all above, very well deserved and welcome back to the team Katt. N/A
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  8. POSTPONED UNTIL MORE CANDIDATES FOR THE EVENT! My Fellow Simps I will be hosting a Pet Hunter race to see how many pets you can get within a 5 day period. You will be challenging each other to this for a nice juicy reward at the end. Post your in-game name below if you're interested in participating. This will be starting on 15/11/2021 or 11/15/2021. Starting time will be to follow closer to the date! Rewards 1st place will receive a Ruby Box 2nd Place will receive a Emerald Box 3rd Place will receive a Sapphire Box Rules - Only one type of pet allowed (No duplicate pets) - Require screenshots of each pet you receive. You can either send me these on Discord "R M B T#0885" or reply back to this Topic. I will be checking the pet drop logs so no cheating! - No skilling pets allowed, only PVM pets - If you are found cheating, you will be disqualified and removed from the event. Remember to have fun and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a PM in-game or on Discord "R M B T#0885". Thanks and good luck.
  9. @ Garbage bin Has been promoted to Trial Support! Congratulations N/A
  10. N/A @ Kryptic has decided to step down from his Trial position, we wish him the best and hopefully see him in the near future!
  11. Hi all, I have set myself another challenge to complete all of the Master Achievements that have been set for us to complete. Altogether I have completed - PVM Great Olm Chambers of Xeric KBD Slayer Hydra Hunter The Sire Cerberus Cerberus 2 Mole Destroyer Zulrah Queen Killer Hydra Hunter 2 Pet Hunter The Warmonger Drake Hunter The Liquidator 2 The Liquidator Chaos Zulrah 2 Barrelchest Chicken Slayer Great Olm 2 SKILLING The Pets The Summoner Dungeoneering The Crafter Arrows The Chef The Magic Trees OTHER Trivia King Defender The Elite Knight The ones that I haven't done that I will be working towards are below. I will also post screenshots of the progression and I will mark them off once they have been completed. Pest Control (Currently 16/200) The Kraken (Currently 31/500) Chambers of Xeric 2 (Currently 3/30) Pet Hunter 2 Dragon Slayer 2 (Currently 26/500) Nex Slayer (Currently 9/500) Pet Hunter 3 Chambers of Xeric 3 Chaos 2 (Currently 2/50) Dragon Slayer 3 The Reaper Tournament Dharoks Broker Dragon The Last Man Dragon 2 The Korasi The Rangers The Reaper 2 Dark Bow The Light The Light 2 Teleblocked Vesta Rambo Killer The Ice The Rangers 2 The Maul The Vengence Jiglojay The Titan Torva The Korasi 2 Ahrims The Last Man 2 Vesta 2 Zamorak Duel Arena Duel Arena 2 The Cannon Dharoks Brother 2 Dharoks Brother 3 The Voids Knights King Slayer Dragon 3 The Last Man 3 The Monkfish Yew Cutter The Slayer Master Smith The Dragonfire Evil Tree The Star Pineapples The Venger Shark Hunter The Redwood 2 Lobster King (Half way there) The Slayer 2 The Farmer The Crafter 2 The Miner The Miner 2 The Chef 2 The Redwood 3 Evil Tree 2 The Prayer Overlord King The Star 2 The Chef 3 Boss The Olm Slayer Active Player Infernal I will post updates as I go along trying to complete these. I will mark each one off as I do them! Regards, R M B T
  12. Welcome back @ Ntho💛 to the Staff Team! He will start back off as a Moderator! @ Ders has been promoted to Trial Support. @ Deezus has been promoted to Trial Support. N/A
  13. Great guide on the wilderness map 💪👍


play now
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