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  1. Looking good dude, keep up the grind and I think we all are looking forward to seeing the end result!
  2. Looking good! Could you make me a Logo for the forums and discord please?
  3. I really like the new Forum Crowns. Would be nice to see implemented. Good job on the work Sammy 👍
  4. Congratulations on the achievement! Takes time to get completed but it's so worth it. Again, congratulations brother. RMBT
  5. This is such a good idea! I like it 😎
  6. Welcome Shib! It's nice to see new players joining and mentioning what they do apart from the server! If you need any assistance, feel free to PM any of the staff team, we are always happy to help! Take care and stay safe ❤️ RMBT
  7. R M B T

    My Recent Work

    You're not the only one @ Ntho skiller I think mine will look better than yours anyway ❤️
  8. Good luck Bucky! If you need any help with any items, feel free to pm me in-game! Got plenty of resources that you could use ❤️
  9. Thank you to everyone that checked out this post. All completed now without the help from everyone! Much love
  10. Well... I can see a lot of good luck with the RNG god with this new player... Good luck on your journeys! ~RMBT
  11. Welcome to the team Drogo!
  12. Hello everyone, in this guide I will show you how to complete the 2021 Easter Server Event step by step. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To start this event, you will need to speak to the Easter Bunny which is North of Edgeville Bank. Offer to help him out and follow the steps below to complete (Doesn't have to be in order). Step 1 - Teleport to the Gnome Agility which can be accessed through the skills tab. Once you've done this, run NORTH until you get towards the Grand Tree. Step 2 - Teleport to the Wilderness Agility course OR teleport to ::mb and pull the leaver (WARNING- This is in the Wilderness and could potentially lose items if you die by a PKer). Make sure to bring a slash weapon to cut through the cobwebs. Once you've done this, run EAST until you come towards the Wilderness Resource Center. You can find the Eggs in the center. Step 3 - Teleport to ::lumbridge or ::cows and then run NORTH until you get to the crossroad. Once there, run EAST and then turn SOUTH immediately to enter Al-Kharid and follow the fence until you come across the eggs. Step 4 - Type ::tob and look in the NORTH-EAST corner hiding away. (You might not be able to see this in fixed screen/resolution). Step 5 - Enter the Inferno minigame and run SOUTH-EAST to the corner. Don't Worry about the inferno hitting you as you have approx. 10-15 seconds until it attacks. Step 6 - Final Step, type ::specialevent to find the last bunch of eggs. That's now everything! Now you have collected all 6 eggs that are hidden around the server, revisit the Easter Bunny and you will be rewarded a Giant Easter Egg and an Easter egg to give to the Easter Bunny Jr which can be found outside from Edgeville Bank. If you have any issues with any steps which are above, please PM me in game and I will assist you If this guide has helped you, please give it a thumbs up RMBT
  13. This guide is actually fire! I'm going to follow this as I haven't done this before! Thanks dude!
  14. Hi all, Thank you for everyone that participated in the Nightmare boss event this morning. Enjoy watching the video! Regards, R M B T


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