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  1. Online ready to take orders.
  2. anyone ordering?
  3. does anyone want to order...
  4. seems like a petty complaint to me.
  5. cinema 4d and photoshop cs6
  6. thankyou
  7. thank you. avaiable to do graphics for the server if needed.
  8. Examples LOGOS I am more than capable of anything design or web wise - PM ME -
  9. Hey all, my names Connor. Been around the scene for quite some time now and decided to return. I played the original Simplicity's and actually happened to be a partner with AJW on many numerous projects. I'm a keen graphic designer and have actually made an undisclosed amount of the Simplicity graphics! I understand it has been transferred to a new owner so I'm keen to start playing again and becoming a known member of the community. Thanks, Connor