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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I have set myself another challenge to complete all of the Master Achievements that have been set for us to complete. Altogether I have completed - PVM Great Olm Pest Control Chambers of Xeric Chambers of Xeric 2 Chambers of Xeric 3 Dragon Slayer 2 KBD Slayer Hydra Hunter The Sire Cerberus Cerberus 2 Mole Destroyer Zulrah Queen Killer Hydra Hunter 2 Pet Hunter Pet Hunter 2 Pet Hunter 3 The Warmonger Drake Hunter The Liquidator 2 The Liquidator Chaos Zulrah 2 Barrelchest Chicken Slayer Great Olm 2 SKILLING The Pets The Summoner Dungeoneering The Crafter The Slayer The Slayer 2 Arrows The Chef The Magic Trees OTHER Trivia King Defender The Elite Knight Active Player Boss Daily Voter The Olm Slayer Infernal The ones that I haven't done that I will be working towards are below. I will also post screenshots of the progression and I will mark them off once they have been completed. The Kraken Nex Slayer Chaos 2 Dragon Slayer 3 The Reaper Tournament Dharoks Broker Dragon The Last Man Dragon 2 The Korasi The Rangers The Reaper 2 Dark Bow The Light The Light 2 Teleblocked Vesta Rambo Killer The Ice The Rangers 2 The Maul The Vengence Jiglojay The Titan Torva The Korasi 2 Ahrims The Last Man 2 Vesta 2 Zamorak Duel Arena Duel Arena 2 The Cannon Dharoks Brother 2 Dharoks Brother 3 The Voids Knights King Slayer Dragon 3 The Last Man 3 The Monkfish Yew Cutter Master Smith The Dragonfire Evil Tree The Star Pineapples The Venger Shark Hunter The Redwood 2 Lobster King (Half way there) The Farmer The Crafter 2 The Miner The Miner 2 The Chef 2 The Redwood 3 Evil Tree 2 The Prayer Overlord King The Star 2 The Chef 3 I will post updates as I go along trying to complete these. I will mark each one off as I do them! Regards, R M B T
  2. Hey guys, as some of you may know I'm still new-ish, but I'm pretty active and around the community quite a bit either in-game, discord/voice chat or on the forums! Basically I joined this RSPS on the 5th October, it's now the 27th! So I'm only 22 server days old I've recently just reached 300+ hours online time, since downloading Simplicity, I've been addicted! My missus thinks I've spent the max of $100 (little does she know, she needs to add another 0 and more, I've bought I think around 6 in-names in total as well ($180) but yeah I'm addicted and I've spent so many countless hours playing when I should be sleeping, I also work 2 jobs and see the missus on weekends/during the week at night for a few hours! I will admit I do afk on the game (::afkzone) to get some pennies as I've started a little collection tab as I do a lot of Tob/Olm (So i get alot of rss/junk items) but instead of clearing out my bank now and then, instead I've started to collect! Here's a sneaky peaky for you as well as my online time! Thanks for all the great moments, the laughter and many more to come! ❤️ I've put all items over 4,000 amount go into this tab (I've recently stocked up my rune pouch hents why the earths are low) and my burnt collection is in this tab too! (boxes shouldn't be in this tab same with cape, opps)


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