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Found 3 results

  1. SIMPLICITY UPDATE 01-07-2019 A lot of new fixes, content, items, limited extras and changes! A lot of big things are still being worked on and more information about new bosses will follow after this update. Thank you all for playing and supporting Simplicity! Content and fixes - Added Ruby Mystey Box. - Added 'Buy all' option to shops. - Added make all option to smithing. - Added new best in slot gloves, Flame Gloves (e). - Added the table of Ruby mystery box to the boxloots command. - Added Fire of nourishment to the droptable of Raids, Great OLM. - Added a way to NOT close interfaces when a dialogue is initiated. - Added a new developer commands to reload new items into live server. - Added torva to the Superior Arthur drop table and made it a little bit stronger. - Added Hand Cannon X (A highly exclusive limited item from the Donator store). - Added a method to close ONLY the dialogue instead of closing interface + dialogue. - Added Angelic Cape (Best in slot Cape). Only available in the Donator store for now. - Added the creation of Flame Gloves (e), Combining Flame gloves + Fire of nourishment. - Added a way to easily create dialogue actions without having to use the current system of setting a special dialogue action id. - Added a warning-check prevent people from accidentally buying items from the store, an item statement in your chatbox will appear with a dialogue to confirm if you want to buy it or not. - Fixed a skull trick bug. - Fixed a bug with Tekton pet. - Fixed osrs items being small. - Fixed obstacle at Karuulm dungeon. - Fixed a bug with Saradomin brew healing. - Fixed the 2 line split recolour freeze issue. - Fixed burning noted magic logs on regular fires. - Fixed some model related bugs with certain items. - Fixed the high level woodcutting area clipping issues. - Fixed message when teleporting to crystal donator zone. - Fixed not being able to attack great olm claws with melee. - Fixed bug with ruby donators not upgrading properly. - Fixed skill tooltips on resizable not appearing correctly. - Fixed bug with general store not having limited stock. - Fixed clicking the barrier in olm, and other objects in olm. - Fixed spells lighting up when the runes are in your rune pouch. - Fixed free for all arena not removing staff when typing ::ffaleave. - Fixed well of goodwill benefits being active when they really weren't. - Fixed a bug with Hydra, the fire should no longer block you from walking. - Fixed a model bug for torva platebody / virtus robe legs making females invisible. - Fixed a model bug for sagittarian vambraces messing up ur character as a female. - Fixed a bug with Muhammad ali's dummy event so it can be attacked with fist now. - Fixed a pathing issue in the Edgeville hut where you would walk through the walls. - Fixed raids entrance being blocked, should now not have pathing bugs when entering. - Fixed dieng to a player with vengeance (or in a double death in general) and not getting the loot. - Fixed well of goodwill giving double xp stacked with 30% xp but giving double xp when 30% was activated. - Fixed bug where you don't get players stackable items on death.(Kill player that has noted items, if he keeps 1 of them, you won't get any). - Fixed an issue where you wouldn't have enough inventory space to buy items in shops and it would tell you that you needed to contact a staff member. - You can not use number keys and the space bar to advance through chat dialog Some other things - Reworked raid party interface. - Renamed the prison key to wilderness key. - Searching for clue scrolls with ::findmonster fixed. - Added the wilderness key to the drop announcements. - Reworked all the auto messages to make it look clean. - To view information about items in shops, you now select 'examine. - Removed the broken hedges in camelot causing major screen bugs. - Target interface will now move with your client in resizable/fullscreen. - Made changes to teleblock message to show duration and add color. - When logging out, your screen size will automatically go back to fixed. - Searching for items with ::findmonster no longer has to be specific names. - Sending open chatbox interface method will no longer force close interfaces. - The 'Invite' option on players will now appear when you leave olm/finish raids. - Ring of bosses will now collect your rare drop loot against ankou at crystal zone. - Changed the wilderness chest to deeper inside the wilderness with a multi area zone. - Vengeance now counts towards getting boss drops and drops from players in the wilderness. - You will now be able to return to pickup your items instead of them dissapearing (example: dieng to npcs) - Buying 'all' of a stackable item will no longer attempt to buy the amount for the slots you have free in your inventory. - You can no longer empty items in the wilderness (to prevent people from emptying items when escaping in wilderness). - The ::empty command is now a dialogue and I added a ignore empty warning option to it that will only be active for 1 day. - New exclusive donation deals are available now. You can see all the details by opening the thread with command ::deals. - Added a chatbox interface to easily make herblore potions, this is the interface that allows you to create a full inventory of potions while only having to click twice instead of continuously using the item on eachother. Thank you all for playing and supporting Simplicity! - Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team.
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