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  1. Lots of adding, testing and more adding went into this! Thanks to all the staff for helping test and get this update out . New zones, monsters, items and more! Enjoy the new Simplicity update full of fixes and new content. Thank you for playing! • Fixed female models for items • Fixed toxic staff of the dead female model being bugged • Shop updates: -Converted to XML for items instead of SQL -Removed the random items from the agility shop -Shop interface now sells 'infinite' amounts for all items -Shop interface now displays the price instead of the amount of items you can buy • Crystal Donator Rank with a new AFK Zone & Boss / Monster zones. • Crystal Halberd (i) (Customized wep), one of the benefits for achieving Crystal rank. • Added dark sacred clay set • Added alot of backend changes that should help lag • New portal at Arthur's dream that can bring you to a new zone with new monsters. • Fixed a bug where OSRS items that had a recolor to it weren't correct. This was only some items (blood money for example were displaying yellow) • Added blood money shop ingame, removed PKP shop • Redid killstreak rewards -You now get blood money boosts for every kill after you are on a killstreak. -100+ kills ~ 150 bonus blood money per kill -50+ kills ~ 100 bonus blood money per kill -20+ kills ~ 75 bonus blood money per kill -10+ kills ~ 50 bonus blood money per kill -5+ kills ~ 25 bonus blood money per kill -This is only announced globally when you obtain the killstreak 'requirement' • Converted obtaining PKP over to Blood Money with new formula: -Pk in a 'hotspot' and obtain DOUBLE blood money! -Edgeville currently is the only hotspot -You will gain random amounts of blood money each kill -The HIGHEST amount of blood money you can obtain is determined by many factors -Wilderness level -Tuesday double blood money boost -Hotspots -Killstreak • If you obtain an item that is non existant, it will now appear as a tool kit instead of invisable • Converted 'mandrith' to a new npc • Added items to blood money shop • Changed text of the prices in shops to be centered + positioned better • Created map of wilderness ideas • Started reworking teleport interface to a better layout • Converted barrows sets to OSRS version so it looks better • Started on reworking the wilderness.. lots of stuff in progress • Added new blood money store • Set all prices in the blood money shop • Remade teleport interface design • Implemented favorite teleports to the teleport interface • Revenants & bosses in the wilderness now drop: -ALWAYS - Blood money (35-75) per kill -Rare - Pvp armour - 25% increased drop rate if skulled • Added revenant cave teleport to teleport interface • Fixed obtaining multiple pieces of lumberjack of the same kind if the pieces were stored in your bank. • The banker at the fishing area will now note your items • Fixed adding items to rune pouch and losing them if your rune pouch is full • Fixed the right click bug in resizable/fullscreen where you would right click and hover over an option and it would click the wrong option • You can now decant the following potions: -Zamorak brews -Super anti posions -Recovery specials • Head moderators can now use macban • You can now obtain a 25 slayer streak for more bonus points instead of capping at 10 • Skilling pets now give a 10% xp boost to their skill. • Fixed ale of the gods stand & walk animations • Head moderators now have the moderator unlimited prayer feature • All players can now use tab to reply to any player • Started on Verzik Vitur (research, added npc defs, adding maps locations) • New OSRS map system added, now can add any osrs map in seconds without affecting original map data Specifics: - Created new cache index '9' that stores all oldschool maps - Implemented file OldschoolMaps that holds all osrs regions, when a region is added to this it will replace the pre eoc area with the oldschool area. No editing cache necessary. + So easy even kevin could add an osrs map now - Client now reads osrs map index aswell as pre eoc map index to get map data for the specific region - Altered object definitions so all osrs objects are now 100k + (regular id) to prevent pre eoc objects from coliding with osrs objects - + More, removed old broken map stuff, etc • Altered all object clicking packets & item on object packet to support object ids > 100k for the new oldschool map system • Added osrs map clipping into the server alongside pre eoc clipping. Specifics: - The server now holds ALL osrs map files for clipping AND ALL pre eoc map files for clipping. - Added OldschoolMaps file to the server, adding the oldschool region to this id enables osrs clipping for that region. - Removed seperated code used in woodcutting/mining for osrs objects since we now dont have coliding osrs object ids • Fixed a bug with floors on new osrs maps system • Theatre of blood maps added • Moved demonic gorillas to the actual demonic gorillas map • Made excel document outlining all range items • Tested all range items max hits • Fixed range speeds on: -Crossbows -Shortbows -Knifes -Darts -Hand cannon • ::demonics teleport fixed • You can now decant antipoison potions • Wildywyrm now drops blood money • Blood money shop no longer says pk points • Fixed buying items in shops • Fixed heavy ballista animations • Fixed skeletons slayer task not counting skeletons in chaos tunnels • Fixed not getting slayer points after getting a 10 slayer streak • Fixed entering/exiting revenant cave • Added crystal rank crown to cache • Infernal axe, emerald rapier and onyx 2h is now untradeable/unsellable • You can no longer teleport to a boss instance such as zulrah with a slayer ring if you are already there • Lumberjack, agile and runecrafting outfit is now untradeable Thank you for playing and all the support! Arthur, Supreme & Simplicity Team
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