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Found 3 results

  1. When you donate you get a Coloured thing next to your name and ::yell but I believe that you should get armor that is coloured to our rank EG: I am currently diamond rank so it would be diamond coloured armor, it would be a fashion scape thing nothing special. Also on the topic of Fashion scape is there a Costume Storage Box for all skill obtainable items? if not saves room in the bank
  2. Guide to Donating 1) Visit our store here 2) Purchase your points and type ::claim in game to receive them 3) Spend your points in our donation shops in the bank at the home area in game Note: You automatically receive donator rank in game when donating at least $20. *To receive your forums rank, you must apply here.* OSRS & RS3 Gold Donation Current Rates: -------------------------------------- SUPER FRESH RATES ONLY TODAY! 1.5M OSRS = 1 donator point -------------------------------------- SUPER FRESH RATES ONLY TODAY! 90M RS3 = 10 donator points -------------------------------------- Note: You still receive donator rank & bonuses when donating with osrs/rs3 gp Top Donator Compete for the top donator on Simplicity. The top donator receives recognition with their own sidebar section on the forums dedicated to them The Ranks Bronze Member - $20 in total donations Silver Member - $50 in total donations Gold Member - $100 in total donations Platinum Member - $250 in total donations Diamond Member - $500 in total donations Sapphire Member - $1000 in total donations Emerald Member - $1500 in total donations Ruby Member - $2000 in total donations Onyx Member - $3000 in total donations Crystal Member - $8000 in total donations Benefits With Donator Points you can buy items from these shops:
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