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  1. One of, if not the most, commonly asked questions in the Help Clan Chat is what the cost of certain items are or if there's a price guide on the forums. Now we, as staff and the community, are more than happy to help answer these questions and guide people in the right direction but I'm hoping this will assist you a little bit further than that as well! Firstly, I agree that a "price guide" would be an amazing addition but unfortunately prices would fluctuate far too much and often to write down any sort of specific numbers defeating the purpose and would cause too much confusion in the long run. Step 1: Determine if the item is junk or not. As with most loot based games a healthy portion of drops don't serve an important purpose other than that satisfaction of getting the drop itself and looking pretty in large stacks in your bank. There's far too many to list but I'll put some common examples below. Junk items tend to accumulate in large quantities at ::shops and is where you'll end up selling it anyways. Scythe Sharpener - Diamond Roots - Fenris Pelt - Ana in a Barrel - Long Sharp Claws - Rock Cab Caracas - Whiteberry Seeds - Evil Turnip - Mole Skin Step 2: Find the item in the POS (Player Owned Shops). This is going to be your best friend for getting an idea on the value of an item. The NPCs to access the POS are located at ::home inside of the bank. Right click the POS NPC and select View Shops Using the search bar type the name of the item in Click on the players shops on the right hand side View the cheapest listings (top of list) to get an idea of value Click on the items to display the prices in the chat window Note: The search bar can be picky i.e. using apostrophes and the more specific and accurate of a name you type, the better the results will be. Step 3: Determining the accuracy of the listed prices. Now if we've made it this far and determined the item isn't junk and price justifies selling it ourselves on the POS instead of to the shop keeper at ::shops we can check a few more things to ensure the accuracy of the prices in the POS. See if there's a few or a lot of the item available throughout the various players shops. Continue looking through the shops and see how closely priced the items between different people are. If one person has a hoard of the item in question. From those we can determine if a lot of people are selling / buying by how many and how closely they are priced. If one person has a hoard of the item, they may be collecting them, buying out all of the ones cheaper to resell it themselves, or simply saving them for later. If one is significantly cheaper than the rest, they may be trying to dump the item quickly under what it's really worth so don't short yourself either! Step 4: Listing the Item for sale on your Player Shop. Right clicking the NPC and selecting My Shop will open the window where you can then add items. When adding an item it will prompt you to type in the value you wish to list the item at. I.E. Putting in an item for 26B, type "26B" and it will add it to your store for that amount. The POS does take a %3 convenience fee to pay all of the hard working NPCs in Simplicity. TL;DR Step 1: Is the item junk? If yes, throw it in your bank or sell it to ::shops Step 2: If it's not junk then check the POS to see what others sell the item for. Step 3: Determine if the listed prices are reasonable or not by looking at how many there are for sale and how closely priced each player has listed them for. Step 4: Sell your in your own POS and/or ::yell a message for other players to see. Useful Tips/Info: If there's almost none for sale it can mean it's super junk OR it's super rare. When in doubt ask the Help CC. If the cheapest item is much lower than the rest, that person is probably undercutting to get a quick sale. This is a possible merching opportunity for you to buy it and sell it for more. If you want a quick sale you can list the price lower than everyone else so yours appears first on the list. If you're farming a boss or other monster and you plan on selling a lot of an item don't undercut others to avoid driving the price too far down and hurting yourself in the long run. Typing 10B when listing an item for sale is much easier than typing 10,000,000,000 Some items may be a bit wonky like the Old Key from hydra is listed as Stone Key. To see your recent POS history and sales try relogging to allow it to update. Sometimes an item is worth more to ::shops than in the POS. I.E. Ranger boots sell to shops for 1.9M! Claim your earnings by right clicking POS NPC and gold will be added to your pouch.
  2. 1-99 Prayer !!! If this guide helps you drop a reaction or comment !!! The first step on your journey to 99 Prayer is going to be clicking on the Prayer skill to be teleported to the training area located just outside of ::shops and north of the ::home tele. Presets Presets are going to be your best friend training any skills near a bank booth or that requires a variety of items. This will speed up leveling time tremendously. In this example, we use a full inventory of Superior Dragon Bones (The Best Prayer XP in Simplicity). The preset allows us to instantly fill our inventory back up with a single click. To use these bones with the altar, simply right click on the item from your inventory. Select the 'use' option and then left-click on the altar. This will then load a prompt over the chat box allowing you to select how many you would like to use. When going for 99 it will be easiest to leave 'All' selected. Once you use all of the bones from your inventory re-load your preset and rinse and repeat. Best XP Rates This list will be XP rates from best to worst in Simplicity with any relevant notes for each item. 1. Superior Dragon Bones These can be obtained from Kurasks, Demonic Gorillas, Long-Tailed Wyverns, Ancient Wyverns, Dawn, Porazdir, Vorkath, and the wildly mini-boss Workath. Workath drops 3 noted Superior Dragon Bones %100 of the but is located in the deep wildly mage arena. 2. Frost Dragon Bones Dropped from Frost Dragons and Lava Dragons 1 at a time we do have several NPCs that have a chance to drop multiple Frost Dragon bones in noted form at a 1/850 rate. Galvek, Tekton, Muhammad Ali event, Warmonger, Crystal Ankou, WildyWyrm, Callisto, and the Maiden Completionist zone Boss. 3. Hydra Bones The third best Prayer XP in simplicity. Hydra is one of the most farmed bosses in the current state of the game and Hydra Bones can be plentiful. Compare prices if buying from the POS or other players to Superior Dragon to ensure the most value for your GP. 4. Dagannoth Bones These will be dropped from the 3 Dagannoth, Prime, Supreme, and Rex. Even those these are the second best bones to use, these NPCs are not commonly farmed and only drop 1 bone at a time. Using/farming Superior Dragon bones or other options will prove more efficient. 5. Dragon Bones If you can't get your hands on the bones listed above regular dragon bones are great XP to train prayer on a budget. You can use the command in-game ::findmonster 'item name' to search for any bones or items to see what NPCs drop them, how many, and at what rates. Brawling Gloves Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for Prayer we would be using the (prayer) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::edge / ::home bank or ::home2 next to the bank stalls. !!! If this guide helps you drop a reaction or comment !!!
  3. 1-99 Firemaking !!! If this guide helps you drop a reaction or comment !!! The first step on your journey to 99 firemaking is going to be clicking on the firemaking skill to be teleported to the training area. Skilling Area Skilling NPC You can then talk to the NPC Ignatius Vulcan to purchase logs or a tinderbox directly from him. Level Requirements: Regular Logs - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Yew - 60 Magic - 75 To level the firemaking skill as quickly as possible, simply burn the highest level requirement logs available. To maximize XP gains, we suggest training woodcutting prior to filmmaking, saving the logs, and then following this strategy. DONATOR TIP: In the donor zone / ::di there is a fire that never goes out 🙂 AFK XP The Evil Tree is will periodically change locations through-out Simplicity. To find it's location you can check under the quest tab or simply type ::tree into the chatbox and you'll be notified where it's currently hiding. The reason the evil tree is useful to firemaking is the kindling you receive from cutting the tree stacks and can be used for easy afk firemaking experience. The xp is between that of Yew and Magic. Brawling Gloves (FM) Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for firemaking we would be using the (FM) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::edge / ::home bank or ::home2 next to the bank stalls. Inferno Adze The Inferno Adze has a chance to burn logs as you cut threes granting firemaking XP and is a great choice to use while leveling. Inferno Adze is not trade-able but can be purchased from the Mining Expert for 350 Stardust which is trade-able. To get to the Mining expert simply click the smithing skill to be teleported to where he's located. Welcome to 99 firemaking! !!! If this guide helps you drop a reaction or comment !!!
  4. 1-99 Mining !!! If this guide helps you drop a reaction or comment !!! The first step on your journey to 99 Mining is going to be clicking on the Mining skill to be teleported to the training area / mining guild. From here you can purchase a pickaxe from the Mining Instructor. Leveling Levels 1-15 From level 1 to 15 mine copper or Tin Ore. Levels 15-40 From level 15 to level 40 mine, Iron Ore. Level 40-55 Mine Gold Ore until Level 55 Level 55+ Option 1: Mine Mithril Ore until level 80 for Star Dust Option 2: Mine Mithril Ore until level 85 for Rune Ore . Adamant Ore is less XP per hour due to the time to mine Pick Axes The general, and maybe obvious, rule of thumb is to you use the best pickaxe you can. After rune a good next step, especially if you're going to be going for 99 wood cutting and firemaking, will be purchasing the Inferno Adze (350 Star Dust) from the Mining Expert at the mining guild. You can teleport directly there by clicking the smithing skill. The best in slot pickaxe will be 3rd Age (1,000 Star Dust), also acquired from the Mining Expert. Brawling Gloves Brawling Gloves will grant you bonus XP in their respective skills and for Mining we would be using the (mining) variant to maximize our potential XP. These gloves can be purchased with prestige points for many skills from Max, an NPC located in ::edge / ::home bank or ::home2 next to the bank stalls. Star Dust Star Dust is a stackable resource and is acquired by mining the fallen star. The fallen star will change locations after being depleted and reappears after about 30 minutes similar to the Evil Tree. To see the Fallen Stars location you can type ::star in the chat. The game will respond with its location or you can also check from within in the quest tab. !!! If this guide helps you drop a reaction or comment !!!
  5. SIMPLICITY VOTE GUIDE VOTE SHOP Voting can be very profitable, as you can purchase donation scrolls and sell the vote scrolls to other players as well.To vote, simply type ::vote in game to reach this screen. Once you are here, enter your username (must be longer than 3 characters to successfully vote) and click continue. Once on this page, vote on all 5 sites to successfully vote (site will turn green and show a timer of 12 hours until you can vote again) Once voted on all sites, type in game ::claimvote for vote scrolls, cash, and a chance at a RuneLocus mystery box! NOTES: -VPN/Multivoting is AGAINST server rules and will be punished accordingly. -Voting on an alt within 12 hours is AGAINST server rules and will be punished accordingly. -Claiming you haven't received votes and receiving scrolls is AGAINST server rules and will be punished accordingly. -Sometimes not all 5 sites will turn green after voting, please do not vote on the same site again, try ::claimvote in game and if you do not receive the correct amount, PM a ::staff member and we will sort it out for you. -If you didn't receive 11 vote scrolls (22 when Well of Goodwill is active), or any at all, PM a ::staff member in game. -Voting helps get new players into the server and can be profitable to newer players for easy starter cash -Voting can be done every 12 hours. -If page is unavailable, refresh the page a few times, and it should work.
  6. Hello and welcome, for those of you who I haven't met my IGN and YouTube are both 'Skovos'. Feel free to bother me! I'm still fairly new to Simplicity but I genuinely and absolutely love this server, the players and the staff! Easily the best one I've ever been on. I only make and upload videos as I see fit and when I genuinely enjoy doing so. I do make money from my channel but first and foremost it is a hobby that I never want to feel forced on. A video like this I could have stretched to the 10 minute mark to have more ads but I don't believe in those "tactics". Plus it usually makes for better content anyways So here it is, my first video on Simplicity which is mostly aimed at newer players, simply going over some of the basics and things I personally would have liked to know from the start. Huge shout out to Swe Monkey for helping me out and giving me a few ideas as well. He also has a YouTube channel 'SimpMonkey' so make sure you share the love, support each other and we can all grow together. Enjoy! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Give-Away has concluded! 1st Place - 1 Sapphire Box - Winner = Willy5927 2nd Place - 6 Elite Warrior Boxes - Winner = Nokwen 3rd Place - 4 Elite Warrior Boxes - Winner = Young God Congratulations and thank you for the support! Don't forget to check out and follow @ swe monkey YT as well @SimpMonkey !
  7. SIMPLICITY PRESTIGE SHOP The prestige shop is a shop that allows players to purchase cosmetics as well as brawler gloves to attain more exp when equipped. Prestige Shop can be found by talking to Max at Edge bank or ::home2 POINTS PER SKILL Keep in mind, these points are for skills with 2b XP, not skills that are just 99. Points will vary if not at max XP per skill. Following Skills with 2b XP give the following prestige points. Attack: 6 Prestige Points Magic: 12 Prestige Points Defence: 6 Prestige Points Constitution (HP): 18 Prestige Points Strength: 6 Prestige Points Dungeoneering: 30 Prestige Points Mining: 18 Prestige Points Smithing: 42 Prestige Points Fishing: 6 Prestige Points Prayer: 36 Prestige Points Ranged: 12 Prestige Points Cooking: 6 Prestige Points Woodcutting: 6 Prestige Points Firemaking: 12 Prestige Points Crafting: 24 Prestige Points Runecrafting: 18 Prestige Points Agility: 24 Prestige Points Herblore: 24 Prestige Points Farming: 24 Prestige Points Fletching: 12 Prestige Points Slayer: 36 Prestige Points Hunter: 18 Prestige Points Thieving: 6 Prestige Points Construction: 18 Prestige Points Summoning: 30 Prestige Points Hope this guide helps you with prestiging your skills and getting more xp!
  8. Welcome to the All In One Simplicity Bossing Thread. You will find all the information you need on each of the bosses in the links below along with their accompanying thread numbers which you can use while in game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tarn Guide: ::thread 1185 Vorkath Guide: ::thread 579 Simple Inferno Guide: ::thread 512 Inferno Guide (Video): ::thread 1734 Basic Gear Olm Guide: ::thread 2090 Any Ranged Gear Olm Guide: ::thread 596 Informative Olm Guide: ::thread 1408 In Depth Olm Guide: ::thread 1728 TOB (Theatre of Blood) Pictures Only Guide: ::thread 1168 TOB (Theatre of Blood) Video Guide: ::thread 1729 Solo TOB Guide: ::thread 2315 Server Events Bossing Guide (Includes Wilderness bosses also): ::thread 1129 General Information of other Random Bosses Guide: ::thread 1131 Treasure Island Bossing Guide: ::thread 272 Corporal Beast Guide: ::thread 1388 Hydra Boss Guide: ::thread 1077 Donator Boss Information Guide: ::thread 1084 Zulrah Boss Guide: ::thread 577 Wyvern Boss Guide: ::thread 1739
  9. Hello my fellow adventurers it's AVP here AKA: Advanced Video Player. Warning the video does contain swear words but I can't help that. Welcome to my first ever Runescape video. I'm not the best video maker nor the best speaker but please don't hate on that. I hope to bring you lot more guide videos and possibility live streams for general chit chat and hang out! I hope you all enjoy this Vorkath Guide sorry if I've missed anything out.
  10. Mutated Tarn To get to tarn just do ::tarn or you can go to the Magic Book->Boss Teleports->Tarn When you are getting ready to fight tarn make sure to use your overload, and turn on your prayers before you teleport there. When you are ready hurry and get behind tarn and his demons before they spawn. ------------------------------------------------------- During the fight tarn will freeze you multiple times, And he will use a magic attack that hits twice, be careful this attack can hit 40+ 2 times, and he can hit you with a normal magic attack which counts as a total stack of 3 times being hit (this doesn't happen often but when it does you have a 70/30% chance of surviving, 70% being the chance to survive) ------------------------------------------------------- If you click the passageway you will simply be teleported home, which is a good trick for the hardcore ironmen who attempt this wretched boss. Gear/Supplies I am using Sacred Clay, Scythe of Vitur X, Angelic Boots, Ring of Bosses, Flame Gloves (e), Hydra Cape, and Necklace of Anguish (or) I haven't tried tarn much without this mid tier gear, but I am sure he is possible to do with pernix/blowpipe, or justiciar with a whip/regular scythe. Since i am a sapphire donator (to see donator bonuses you can do ::benefits in game) i don't need any prayer/super restore potions, so I only bring overloads and brews. The people that need prayer you should only bring 1 or 2 potions as you will not be in this fight long enough to really need more and i recommend bringing some rocktails to combo eat with the saradomin brews. I am also using the superior Zuk pet, The superior pets help A LOT on these hard bosses. They give unlimited soulsplit, so you can have a protect prayer on (like magic needed for tarns attacks) while also getting the affect of soulsplit from the pet. The superior pets you can get are Olm(raids), Vorkath, and Zuk(inferno). You can get these pets as a drop but they will be a regular version of the pet and you will need 50b to buy the superior scroll from the note trader in the edgeville bank to upgrade them. Hope this helps -Ruhbeartoe
  11. Simple Guide to Simplicity Bosses To get started just go into your magic book and click the boss teleports! Abyssal Sire Lvl-350 HP-1100 Melee and range attacks are good to use here The sire attacks with magic, he poisons you, and the sire also steals your health! Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop abyssal sire Bandos Avatar Lvl-299 HP-1050 Melee and range work well vs the avatar The avatar attacks with magic and occasionally freezes you Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop bandos avatar Barrelchest Lvl-170 HP-496 Melee is the best, Range works if you're using a blowpipe Barrelchest uses melee attacks, he's a simple boss Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop barrelchest Bork Lvl-267 HP-867 Melee and range are the best to use Bork uses strong melee attacks and he sometimes hits through prayer Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop bork Cerberus Lvl-318 HP-900 Melee and ranged attacks are the best to use Cerberus uses mage and ranged attacks and the mutt drains your prayer becareful! Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop cerberus Chaos Elemental Lvl-305 Hp-1800 Melee and range are good to use The elemental uses all attack styles, While teleporting you away Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop chaos elemental Corporeal Beast Lvl-785 HP-2850 Ranged is recommended unless you have a Scythe of Vitur. The massive beast uses all attack styles, Watch out for his kicks they really hurt! The beast also poisons you (Earl was a BIG help this nasty beast) Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop corporeal beast Dagonnoth Kings Prime Prime Lvl-303 Prime HP-255 Prime attack style:Powerful magic attacks Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop prime Rex Rex Lvl-303 Rex HP-255 Rex attack style:Hard melee attacks Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop rex Supreme Lvl-303 HP-255 Supreme attack style:Powerful ranged attacks Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop supreme Giant Mole Lvl-230 HP-500 Melee is the best choice to kill this nasty thing, range is always a good choice to The mole uses weak melee and magic attacks, it also teleports you back randomly Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop giant mole Glacors Lvl-188 HP-698 Ranged with blowpipe and soulsplit is the best method here, Melee is also a good choice. Glacors use decently hard hitting melee attacks while using weak magic attacks, They also poison you Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop glacor Godwars Need 20 kill count to enter any bosses door Bandos General graardor Lvl-624 HP-300 The big ogre uses ranged and melee attacks Minions Sergeant Strongstack Lvl-141 HP-160 Uses weak melee attacks Sergeant Grimspike Lvl-142 HP-150 Uses weak ranged attacks Sergeant Steelwill Lvl-142 HP-150 Uses weak mage attacks The best way to kill this group is melee, A blowpipe is good to Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop general graardor Zamorak K'ril Tsutsuroth Lvl-650 HP-300 Uses mage and melee attacks Minions Tstanon Karlak Lvl-145 HP-250 Uses weak melee attacks Balfrug Kreeyath Lvl-151 HP-150 Uses weak mage attacks Zakl'n Gritch Lvl-142 HP-150 Uses weak ranged attacks The best way to kill this group is melee, A blowpipe is good to (Mr Troll You was awesome and came to keep things dead while i took pics haha) Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop tsutsuroth Saradomin Commander Zilyana Lvl-596 HP-600 Uses melee and magic attacks Minions Starlight Lvl-149 HP-150 Uses weak melee attacks Growler Lvl-139 HP-150 Uses magic attacks from distant and melee attacks up close Bree Lvl-146 HP-150 Uses mildy strong ranged attacks The best way to kill this group is melee, A blowpipe is good to Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop commander zilyana Armadyl Kree'arra Lvl-580 HP-380 Uses ranged and magic attacks, Will also teleport you slightly to the side Minions Flockleader Geerin Lvl-149 HP-160 Uses weak ranged attacks Flight Kilisa Lvl-159 HP-160 Uses melee attacks Wingman Skree Lvl-143 HP-160 Uses weak magic attacks You can only use ranged weapons here, Blowpipe is good! Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop kree'arra Hydra Lvl-426 HP-1100 All you need to know about hydra is here Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop hydra Kalphite Queen First stage Lvl-333 HP-355 First stage use melee as he protects against magic and ranged attacks, She mainly uses magic attacks in this form Second stage Lvl-333 HP-360 Second stage use ranged as he protects against melee attacks, She uses a mix of magic and ranged attacks in this form Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop kalphite queen King Black Dragon Lvl-276 HP-450 The king of dragons uses melee to attack, He sometimes breathes fire that does hard damage so you will need some type of anti fire (anti fire shield/dragonfire shield/dragon kite shield and antifire potion works perfectly) The best thing to use is melee with a whip, But a crossbow is fine to Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop king black dragon Kraken Whirlpools-You have to shoot all 4 of the small whirlpools before you attack the big one Lvl-291 HP-555 When he is out just attack him, don't worry about the tentacles, He uses magic attacks Ranged is the best to use here Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop kraken Lizardman Shaman Lvl-150 HP-472 The shaman uses melee and magic attacks, He also teleports you a few spaces It's best to use melee on him, Ranged is good to Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop lizardman shaman Nex Lvl-1001 HP-2400 Uses hard hitting magic attack Minions Fumus Lvl-285 HP-450 Uses magic attacks Umbra Lvl-285 HP-450 Uses magic attacks Cruor Lvl-285 HP-450 Uses magic attacks Glacies Lvl-285 HP-450 Uses magic attacks and freezes Ranged weapons/gear is recommended here Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop nex Phoenix Lvl-235 HP-650 This fire bird uses melee attacks Melee and ranged are both good to use here Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop phoenix Scorpia Lvl-464 HP-400 Melee is the best to use, Range is decent Scorpia uses melee attacks, It also poisons you Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop socrpia Skotizo Lvl-321 HP-1000 This purple demon uses melee and magic attacks It is recommended to use range because his melee hits hard Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop skotizo Slash bash Lvl-111 HP-400 Slash bash uses melee attacks Melee and range are both good to use here Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop staff bash Tormented demons Lvl-450 HP-400 The demons use Melee and magic attacks It is recommended to use ranged weapons/gear here, But melee works to(At reduced damage) Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop tormented demon Venenatis Lvl-464 HP-315 Melee is the best to use, range is decent Venenatis uses melee as main attack, But sometimes will do a POWERUL magic attack, And the spider steals your prayer! drops (This is a HARD boss) Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop venenatis Vorkath Lvl-392 HP-3000 Vorkath uses powerful ranged and magic attacks, He disables prayers, And he poisons you , you have to watch for his 2 falling flame balls, And the constant fire breathe It is HIGHLY recommended to use ranged weapons and gear here unless you have a scythe of vitur. (This is a hard boss) Drops You can see the full list by doing ::finddrop vorkath A special thanks to 2 of my good friends Earl Mr Troll You Hope this helps I appreciate all feedback Good or Bad -Ruhbeartoe
  12. Level Requirements: Costs (gp): XP rates: Guide: Grand Total Farmed: Cost Grand Total: IMPORTANT NOTES******** Good luck 99 hunting!
  13. Firemaking Guide Click on the firemaking skill to start Talk to Ignatius Vulcan for logs/tinderbox Level Requirements: Logs - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Evil Kingling (From evil tree, ::tree in-game) Yew - 60 Magic - 75 Guide: You can go one of two routes: buy all your log and make fires or chop them down yourself and burn them. I highly suggest chopping them yourself as 99 Woodcutting is easy to get and can net some starter cash. Pretty simple - use a tinderbox on the highest level logs and can and you'll create a fire. Click the "Add to Fire" option when mousing over the fire and type in the amount you want to burn. This will burn that amount of logs in your inventory regardless if they're different types, level permitting, and will start with the first logs in your inventory and make its way to the last slot. If Donator (20$+) there is a fire just west of the ::di teleport that never runs out. Congratulations you're 99 Firemaking
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