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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to the All In One Simplicity Bossing Thread. You will find all the information you need on each of the bosses in the links below along with their accompanying thread numbers which you can use while in game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tarn Guide: ::thread 1185 Vorkath Guide: ::thread 579 Simple Inferno Guide: ::thread 512 Inferno Guide (Video): ::thread 1734 Basic Gear Olm Guide: ::thread 2090 Any Ranged Gear Olm Guide: ::thread 596 Informative Olm Guide: ::thread 1408 In Depth Olm Guide: ::thread 1728 TOB (Theatre of Blood) Pictures Only Guide: ::thread 1168 TOB (Theatre of Blood) Video Guide: ::thread 1729 Solo TOB Guide: ::thread 2315 Server Events Bossing Guide (Includes Wilderness bosses also): ::thread 1129 General Information of other Random Bosses Guide: ::thread 1131 Treasure Island Bossing Guide: ::thread 272 Corporal Beast Guide: ::thread 1388 Hydra Boss Guide: ::thread 1077 Donator Boss Information Guide: ::thread 1084 Zulrah Boss Guide: ::thread 577 Wyvern Boss Guide: ::thread 1739
  2. Hello my fellow adventurers it's AVP here AKA: Advanced Video Player. Warning the video does contain swear words but I can't help that. Welcome to my first ever Runescape video. I'm not the best video maker nor the best speaker but please don't hate on that. I hope to bring you lot more guide videos and possibility live streams for general chit chat and hang out! I hope you all enjoy this Vorkath Guide sorry if I've missed anything out.
  3. Mutated Tarn To get to tarn just do ::tarn or you can go to the Magic Book->Boss Teleports->Tarn When you are getting ready to fight tarn make sure to use your overload, and turn on your prayers before you teleport there. When you are ready hurry and get behind tarn and his demons before they spawn. ------------------------------------------------------- During the fight tarn will freeze you multiple times, And he will use a magic attack that hits twice, be careful this attack can hit 40+ 2 times, and he can hit you with a normal magic attack which counts as a total stack of 3 times being hit (this doesn't happen often but when it does you have a 70/30% chance of surviving, 70% being the chance to survive) ------------------------------------------------------- If you click the passageway you will simply be teleported home, which is a good trick for the hardcore ironmen who attempt this wretched boss. Gear/Supplies I am using Sacred Clay, Scythe of Vitur X, Angelic Boots, Ring of Bosses, Flame Gloves (e), Hydra Cape, and Necklace of Anguish (or) I haven't tried tarn much without this mid tier gear, but I am sure he is possible to do with pernix/blowpipe, or justiciar with a whip/regular scythe. Since i am a sapphire donator (to see donator bonuses you can do ::benefits in game) i don't need any prayer/super restore potions, so I only bring overloads and brews. The people that need prayer you should only bring 1 or 2 potions as you will not be in this fight long enough to really need more and i recommend bringing some rocktails to combo eat with the saradomin brews. I am also using the superior Zuk pet, The superior pets help A LOT on these hard bosses. They give unlimited soulsplit, so you can have a protect prayer on (like magic needed for tarns attacks) while also getting the affect of soulsplit from the pet. The superior pets you can get are Olm(raids), Vorkath, and Zuk(inferno). You can get these pets as a drop but they will be a regular version of the pet and you will need 50b to buy the superior scroll from the note trader in the edgeville bank to upgrade them. Hope this helps -Ruhbeartoe
  4. Level Requirements: Costs (gp): XP rates: Guide: Grand Total Farmed: Cost Grand Total: IMPORTANT NOTES******** Good luck 99 hunting!
  5. Ignore my shitty paint skills and the fact that i say 'premise' way too much in this video. I hope this shows you all how easy olm can be, and helps everyone complete Olm.
  6. Firemaking Guide Click on the firemaking skill to start Talk to Ignatius Vulcan for logs/tinderbox Level Requirements: Logs - 1 Oak - 15 Willow - 30 Maple - 45 Evil Kingling (From evil tree, ::tree in-game) Yew - 60 Magic - 75 Guide: You can go one of two routes: buy all your log and make fires or chop them down yourself and burn them. I highly suggest chopping them yourself as 99 Woodcutting is easy to get and can net some starter cash. Pretty simple - use a tinderbox on the highest level logs and can and you'll create a fire. Click the "Add to Fire" option when mousing over the fire and type in the amount you want to burn. This will burn that amount of logs in your inventory regardless if they're different types, level permitting, and will start with the first logs in your inventory and make its way to the last slot. If Donator (20$+) there is a fire just west of the ::di teleport that never runs out. Congratulations you're 99 Firemaking
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