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  1. Hello! So this is my first forum post for this sever and I have only been playing for a little bit of time. Some of you may not agree with me on my suggestions but this is what I see a problem with. The current state of the game's economy is very high. I am fully aware that this is a mostly PvM server and I really enjoy that, as I personally love PvM. At the same time, I am also a fan of skilling and being able to make money with various skills. Because of the current state of eco, Thieving is a bad money maker and as I have been training the other skills on my way to max, I have noticed that almost every other skill has no viable money-making method to keep up with this economy. I think it would do the server well if we looked at the various different skills and reworked them and removed a lot of the shops from the game in order to make the gathering skills valuable and keep players interested in more then just PvM. Thieving stalls should give much higher gold, fire making is a waste of skill but can easily be changed with "random" loot from burning logs. woodcutting has relatively no value because all logs can be bought within a store. crafting has no value. fishing has no value. There are just too many shops carrying the items from the various skills within the game making it hard for them to be "profitable" in any way. I think this server would do really well with a rework to the various skills to make skilling a viable money-making method as well as giving players another way to make decent money without PvM. This is only a slight suggestion and more of a discussion because there are just so many skills that have no value to training them except for maxing your account and I really disagree with maxing a skill just to max your account. every skill should have some value or use case, and I understand that is a big task to do, but I really do believe it will give a lot more value and playtime to this server. Skill's Worth looking into for reworking This is just a basic list that I personally see could benefit from reworking. There is no particular order altho I do think Thieving should be first as its the first thing players start doing when they join a new server. after that, I would prioritize the gathering skills: Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Herblore (if you count it). Thieving Crafting Fishing Woodcutting Mining Firemaking Runecrafting Farming Hunter Herblore Fletching I Understand just how much of an undertaking this will be as I have previously coded in the past but I really do think that the effort put into this rework will truly benefit the longevity of this server, as well as help, keep newer players that much more. Most of us currently playing the game are Fans of PvM but there a big group of skillers out there, that this server could benefit from the player base of skillers.


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