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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, I have a couple general suggestions in regards to pets. 1) Make it so you can click through pets (E.G when your cursor is on someone's pet, you can just walk on the tile instead of being given the option of clicking on their pets, or the option to hide pets that aren't your own) 2) Adding Drop Rate effects to boss pets (E.G Hydra pet gives 5-10% additional droprate when farming/killing Hydra, etc) 3) Upgradable pets IF suggestion #2 is supported/approved (E.G Hydra gives 5% drop rate base, then 10% if successfully upgraded via Well, OR if you get multiple pets you can combine them to raise their level) I'd appreciate some feedback so I know if these ideas are worth the time. Thank you for reading!
  2. spud

    Simplicity Pets

    All BUT Heron/Beaver Pets are able to be Exchanged for A EXP Lamp Located West of ::shops, outside Sumona Slayer masters Room Skilling Pets: Gives Bonus EXP in the Skill Runecrafting- Cannot be obtained from the Energy Orbs, You'll have to Get from making Runes. Fishing- Pretty Easily obtained Thru Westerfish Woodcutting- Another Easy to obtain pet via any tree/AFK tree Thieving- Can be Obtained on any stall Farming- Can be Obtained on any Patch(has every version) Mining- Can be obtained Thru ::Star and Regular rocks. Agility- Can be obtained on all the Courses PVM Pets: Pet Rock Crab Baby Blue Dragon Blue Dragon Green Dragon Frost Dragon Black Dragon King Black Dragon Commander Zilyana (Saradomin GWD) K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak GWD) Kree'Ara (Armadyl GWD) General Graardor (Bandos GWD) Nex Jungle Styrkewyrm Desert Strykewyrm Ice Strykewyrm WildyWyrm Kraken Lizardman Shaman Kalphite Queen Princess and king Verzik Vitur (Theatre of Blood) Chaos Elemental (Wildy) Venenatis (Wildy) Scorpia (Wildy) Abyssal Sire Hellpuppy (Cerberus) Phoenix Skotizo Slash Bash Bork Giant Mole Barrelchest Bandos Avatar Dagannoth King Supreme Dagannoth King Prime Dagannoth King Rex Tormented Demon Corporeal Beast Alchemical Hydra (has all 4 colors) Tztok-Jad (Obtained Thru Tokkul Shop) Tektiny (Obtained Thru Tekton Event) Zulrah ( 3 different pet drops) King Kurask Barrows brothers (dont have all pictured yet but each one has one) Callisto dawn drac (old halloween event) headless beast seren warmi zalcano Tob pets bloat sot maiden Xarp nylo Superior Pets Superior Pets can be obtained Thru Certain mystery boxes as well as PvM While Summoned Superior Pets will give the Host the effects of Soulsplit. The only Pets that can be made Superior are: Tzrek-Zuk (Inferno) Vorkath Olmlet If you get them via PvM you will have to Talk to the Note Trader inside Home bank The Superior Scroll costs 50b to buy from here. Halloween banshee kevins demonic baby Halloween beast (old halloween event) Elite pets Elite Olmlet this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy boost on Raids & Great Olm. Elite Zik this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy boost on ToB & Verzik Vitur. Elite Nightmare this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy on Nightmare boss If i missed any Please let me know I'll update If and when new pets are added! Thanks for checking this out!


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