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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I have set myself another challenge to complete all of the Master Achievements that have been set for us to complete. Altogether I have completed - PVM Great Olm Pest Control Chambers of Xeric Chambers of Xeric 2 Chambers of Xeric 3 Dragon Slayer 2 KBD Slayer Hydra Hunter The Sire Cerberus Cerberus 2 Mole Destroyer Zulrah Queen Killer Hydra Hunter 2 Pet Hunter Pet Hunter 2 Pet Hunter 3 The Warmonger Drake Hunter The Liquidator 2 The Liquidator Chaos Zulrah 2 Barrelchest Chicken Slayer Great Olm 2 SKILLING The Pets The Summoner Dungeoneering The Crafter The Slayer The Slayer 2 Arrows The Chef The Magic Trees OTHER Trivia King Defender The Elite Knight Active Player Boss Daily Voter The Olm Slayer Infernal The ones that I haven't done that I will be working towards are below. I will also post screenshots of the progression and I will mark them off once they have been completed. The Kraken Nex Slayer Chaos 2 Dragon Slayer 3 The Reaper Tournament Dharoks Broker Dragon The Last Man Dragon 2 The Korasi The Rangers The Reaper 2 Dark Bow The Light The Light 2 Teleblocked Vesta Rambo Killer The Ice The Rangers 2 The Maul The Vengence Jiglojay The Titan Torva The Korasi 2 Ahrims The Last Man 2 Vesta 2 Zamorak Duel Arena Duel Arena 2 The Cannon Dharoks Brother 2 Dharoks Brother 3 The Voids Knights King Slayer Dragon 3 The Last Man 3 The Monkfish Yew Cutter Master Smith The Dragonfire Evil Tree The Star Pineapples The Venger Shark Hunter The Redwood 2 Lobster King (Half way there) The Farmer The Crafter 2 The Miner The Miner 2 The Chef 2 The Redwood 3 Evil Tree 2 The Prayer Overlord King The Star 2 The Chef 3 I will post updates as I go along trying to complete these. I will mark each one off as I do them! Regards, R M B T
  2. So.... It took some attempts, but I managed to get it in the end. It is definitely do-able
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0YGRkbXI9OShE5cXCQBcfA?view_as=subscriber Going Live Everyday! FaceCam Grinding Simplicity <3
  4. 100k Dawns I'm not going to make it complicated so lets get straight to the point ! After seeing Bernard & Dpowerhouse (and other people) their insane PvM goals I've decided to challenge myself and I will be killing 100k Dawns from the Crystal Donator Zone ($8 000). Why Dawns? Because I want to see how much money I can make from them and show that IF you want to make bank, you have to GO for it!! Since I'm too lazy to do something like TOB I'm sticking with Dawns, but 100k of them lol. How this thread will work: I will be updating this thread ~5000 kills to keep it more accurate (and not spam the post) for those who are interested. Bank tab screenshot Money pouch screenshot Boss points screenshot (2 per Dawn) Kill count screenshot I will be killing the Dawns with: + superior pet I'm not going to include the entire Dawn drop table so check it out yourself in-game with ::finddrop dawn This post could also give you an idea to see for yourself if Crystal Donator Rank is worth it


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