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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I have set myself another challenge to complete all of the Master Achievements that have been set for us to complete. Altogether I have completed - PVM Great Olm Pest Control Chambers of Xeric Chambers of Xeric 2 Chambers of Xeric 3 Dragon Slayer 2 KBD Slayer Hydra Hunter The Sire Cerberus Cerberus 2 Mole Destroyer Zulrah Queen Killer Hydra Hunter 2 Pet Hunter Pet Hunter 2 Pet Hunter 3 The Warmonger Drake Hunter The Liquidator 2 The Liquidator Chaos Zulrah 2 Barrelchest Chicken Slayer Great Olm 2 SKILLING The Pets The Summoner Dungeoneering The Crafter The Slayer The Slayer 2 Arrows The Chef The Magic Trees OTHER Trivia King Defender The Elite Knight Active Player Boss Daily Voter The Olm Slayer Infernal The ones that I haven't done that I will be working towards are below. I will also post screenshots of the progression and I will mark them off once they have been completed. The Kraken Nex Slayer Chaos 2 Dragon Slayer 3 The Reaper Tournament Dharoks Broker Dragon The Last Man Dragon 2 The Korasi The Rangers The Reaper 2 Dark Bow The Light The Light 2 Teleblocked Vesta Rambo Killer The Ice The Rangers 2 The Maul The Vengence Jiglojay The Titan Torva The Korasi 2 Ahrims The Last Man 2 Vesta 2 Zamorak Duel Arena Duel Arena 2 The Cannon Dharoks Brother 2 Dharoks Brother 3 The Voids Knights King Slayer Dragon 3 The Last Man 3 The Monkfish Yew Cutter Master Smith The Dragonfire Evil Tree The Star Pineapples The Venger Shark Hunter The Redwood 2 Lobster King (Half way there) The Farmer The Crafter 2 The Miner The Miner 2 The Chef 2 The Redwood 3 Evil Tree 2 The Prayer Overlord King The Star 2 The Chef 3 I will post updates as I go along trying to complete these. I will mark each one off as I do them! Regards, R M B T
  2. [!] SIMPLICITY.ORG Nightmare Guide [!] - Solo Guide by [ RIGHT WAY ] NOTE: GUIDE WILL WORK FOR SOLO AND/OR TEAMS Recommended Inventory: GEAR SETUP - RANGE NOTE: THIS GEAR CAN BE MODIFIED TO YOUR NEEDS; HOWEVER I RECOMMEND USING A SIMILAR SETUP FULL SAGITTARIAN ARMOUR + LIGHT TWISTED BOW GEAR SETUP - MAGIC FULL CELESTIAL + SANG X STAFF GEAR SETUP - MELEE FULL SACRED CLAY ARMOUR + SCYTH OF VITUR ANY THREE OF THESE SETUPS WORK; HOWEVER ANY SETUP WORKS AS LONG AS YOUR PRAYER SWITCHES ARE GOOD NIGHTMARE DROPS ::monsterdrop Nightmare Okay so lets get started BEFORE YOU BEGIN MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE REGULAR PRAYER BOOK USE ::prayer to switch before you start the fight When you spawn in the nightmare takes about a minute to rise and you can begin your battle The first thing you should do is overload and heal up make sure you are full health. The Nightmare can constantly hit 40+ if not switched to the correct prayer The Nightmare has 3 waves. You will have to, Fight the Nightmare 3 times and Attack the 4 pillars of light after each time you fight the Nightmare. The Nightmare has several special attacks you have to be aware of and you will constantly be switching prayers between your protect from range prayer and protect from magic prayer In the picture below you will see 3 of the attacks the Nightmare attacks with during the first fight with the nightmare When the nightmare spins and spits out red splatter make sure to protect from magic When the nightmare turns slow then spins around shooting a dart switch to protect from range If the nightmare spawns 4 rows of flowers; IF YOU ARE NOT IN BETWEEN THE 2 ROWS OF WHITE FLOWERS STOP ATTACKING; any damaged dealt to nightmare will heal the nightmare After you deal 24000 damage to The Nightmare you can start attacking the 4 corner pillars of light Another attack the nightmare uses in the picture below Make sure to avoid the black spirals they can deal large amounts of damage if you are standing on one, simply click and move off the square AT ANYPOINT THE NIGHTMARE CAN SPAWN IN MINIONS (HURKS) THAT MELEE THEY DONT HIT LOTS BUT WILL FREEZE YOU SO KILL THEM OFF AND YOU WILL BE UNFROZEN After you have dealt 24000 damage to the nightmare; you must attack all 4 pillars of light until the bar in the top right hand corner is full After the pillars are defeated the nightmare will prepare a devastating attack, its best to have full health at this point if not already. The nightmare has a special attack where your screen turns pink; The boss will switch your prayer on you this only usually happens in the second or third waves The nightmare has a special attack where he goes running across the screen, this does not deal any damage The Nightmare has another minion it can spawn, it will infect you with a parasite spawning in a bug that can heal the nightmare. It's best to kill this parasite as soon as it spawns During the third wave the nightmare will spawn poison spores, when you run into them they will deal small amounts of damage [MEDIA MISSING WILL FIX ASAP] After dealing 24000 damage to the nightmare 3 times and dealing all the damage to all the pillars three times, The Nightmare Will Die! CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE KILLED THE NIGHTMARE! There may be alternative methods to defeating the nightmare, such as standing under the nightmare and using protect melee during the pillar of light phases, and possibly things I missed in this guide. Feel free to comment below with any extra tips or pictures to help out this guide. Thank you . Right Way
  3. So.... It took some attempts, but I managed to get it in the end. It is definitely do-able
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0YGRkbXI9OShE5cXCQBcfA?view_as=subscriber Going Live Everyday! FaceCam Grinding Simplicity <3
  5. spud

    Simplicity Pets

    All BUT Heron/Beaver Pets are able to be Exchanged for A EXP Lamp Located West of ::shops, outside Sumona Slayer masters Room Skilling Pets: Gives Bonus EXP in the Skill Runecrafting- Cannot be obtained from the Energy Orbs, You'll have to Get from making Runes. Fishing- Pretty Easily obtained Thru Westerfish Woodcutting- Another Easy to obtain pet via any tree/AFK tree Thieving- Can be Obtained on any stall Farming- Can be Obtained on any Patch(has every version) Mining- Can be obtained Thru ::Star and Regular rocks. Agility- Can be obtained on all the Courses PVM Pets: Pet Rock Crab Baby Blue Dragon Blue Dragon Green Dragon Frost Dragon Black Dragon King Black Dragon Commander Zilyana (Saradomin GWD) K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak GWD) Kree'Ara (Armadyl GWD) General Graardor (Bandos GWD) Nex Jungle Styrkewyrm Desert Strykewyrm Ice Strykewyrm WildyWyrm Kraken Lizardman Shaman Kalphite Queen Princess and king Verzik Vitur (Theatre of Blood) Chaos Elemental (Wildy) Venenatis (Wildy) Scorpia (Wildy) Abyssal Sire Hellpuppy (Cerberus) Phoenix Skotizo Slash Bash Bork Giant Mole Barrelchest Bandos Avatar Dagannoth King Supreme Dagannoth King Prime Dagannoth King Rex Tormented Demon Corporeal Beast Alchemical Hydra (has all 4 colors) Tztok-Jad (Obtained Thru Tokkul Shop) Tektiny (Obtained Thru Tekton Event) Zulrah ( 3 different pet drops) King Kurask Barrows brothers (dont have all pictured yet but each one has one) Callisto dawn drac (old halloween event) headless beast seren warmi zalcano Tob pets bloat sot maiden Xarp nylo Superior Pets Superior Pets can be obtained Thru Certain mystery boxes as well as PvM While Summoned Superior Pets will give the Host the effects of Soulsplit. The only Pets that can be made Superior are: Tzrek-Zuk (Inferno) Vorkath Olmlet If you get them via PvM you will have to Talk to the Note Trader inside Home bank The Superior Scroll costs 50b to buy from here. Halloween banshee kevins demonic baby Halloween beast (old halloween event) Elite pets Elite Olmlet this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy boost on Raids & Great Olm. Elite Zik this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy boost on ToB & Verzik Vitur. Elite Nightmare this pet gives 10% drop rate bonus with damage accuracy on Nightmare boss If i missed any Please let me know I'll update If and when new pets are added! Thanks for checking this out!
  6. So i got bored after getting 50b xp and comp i was gonna grind for all pets but thought of this instead. I'm doing it on an alt called 1000 kills. i wanted to start with some easy ones more will come planning on doing most of everything except of things that are pure cancer. ^ Forgot to take out 3 pets ring of bosses doubles them. Got 25 elite clues Loot from the 2 sapphire boxes Loot from the 47 gold bags loot from keys
  7. Making sanguinesti staff x and Scythe of vitur x droppable or at least craftable from the tier one vitur weapon. Making the x versions donator shop only promotes pay to win and that is not very healthy for the gameplay aspect of the game. considering, at the time of this being written, there are an estimated 5 sanguinesti staff xi's in the game.
  8. I think that adding a range and mage equivalent to turmoil would balance combat and create more item diversity along with making melee not meta anymore.
  9. Kooda

    PVM ideas

    Place some Dark Beasts inside Slayer Tower Add Polypore Dungeon teleport and add Ganodermic Beasts which drop Ganodermic armour. Rename Fremennik Slayer Dung to Demonic Gorillas dungeon Move Frost Dragons out of Boss Teleports and put it in Dungeon Teleports. Move King Kurask Dungeon out of Dungeon Teleports and put it in Boss Teleports and rename it King Kurask. Make killing Abyssal Sire reward the player with Boss Points. Add Abyssal Wand to Abby Sire drop table. Add Skotizo to the list of Slayer Tasks assignments from Summona Add the Dark Claw to Skotizo drop table to be able to make Purple Slayer Helm. Add Callisto cub pet to Callisto drop table. Add Kalphite Defender to Kalphite Queens drop table. Add Korasi Sword to Bork drop table. Add Tzhaar Whip, Obsidian ranger helm, Obsidian mage helm, Obsidian warrior helm, Ring of Stone to Tzhaar shop. Add Obsidian boots, Gloves, Kiteshield, Platebody and Platelegs, Plateskirt, to the Tzhaar monsters drop tables. Add Armadyl Gloves, Armadyl Boots and Armadyl Buckler to Kree'Arra and his minions drop tables. Add Bandos Gloves, Bandos Helmet and Bandos Warshield to General Graardor and his minions drop tables.
  10. I will be updating this as frequently as I can. On the contrary, I would love to see other players creating drop-logs of their own.


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