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  1. Update log 28-03-2019. Please reload your client to get all the latest updates. - Added new maps for future development. - Added Mutant Tarn boss. Visit this boss (instanced) by using the ::tarn command. - Added Mutant Lesser demon. They can be found at Tarn's castle. - Added a way to find drops from monsters by using ::findmonster itemname command. Example: ::findmonster flame_gloves (This command will find the monsters that drop the item you are looking for, make sure to write it out fully with underscore if needed). - Added a new AFK spot south of Edgeville bank. Max 1 account per player allowed! The object is called Mysterious Plant. - Added Lots of new logs and security measures to better protect an account in the case that player is compromised. Please Change your password to a very unique one, one that you have never used before on ANY other server or game. - Added FORCE CHANGE PASSWORD: you will be required to create a new password once you login. This will make sure that your account will be secured, but please don't use any old password that you have used before for other games. - Added new items for well upgrades: Dragontooth necklace -> Anguish (or) 1/5 Dark Twisted Bow -> Fire Twisted Bow 1/5 Barrows Sets -> 1B Note 1/10 DFS -> DragonKite shield 1/10 Vine Whip -> Vorkath Vine Whip 1/10 Bandos -> Torva 1/20 Dragon claws -> 1B Note 1/10 DWH -> 100M Note 1/5 Guardian Boots -> Angelic boots 1/5 Diamond Box -> Sapphire Box 1/10 Death cape -> Sack Of Presents 1/10 Scythe of Vitur -> Scythe of Vitur X 1/5 Ancestral -> Celestial 1/5 Justiciar -> Sacred Clay 1/5 - Added a method to make the potions disappear from inventory after the last sip. - Added automatic saving for the box notification command on log out (::togglealert). - Fixed some bugs with Great Olm Boss. - Fixed some bugs with voting and claim command. - Fixed a bug with Event Boss (Muhammad Ali's dummy). - Fixed a bug with Ava's accumulator for Fire Twisted Bow. - Fixed the drop rate for Inferno Zuk pet. - Fixed several bugs with PvP item degrading. - Fixed a bug with clue scrolls. - Fixed a bug with XP gaining from new slayer master. - Fixed several bugs with farming. - Fixed a bug with Corporeal beast instance. - Fixed a bug with Nex instance. - Removed a lot of useless objects at edgeville to make home look cleaner. - Moved some npc's (shops) to the General store in edgeville. Thank you for playing! Simplicity Team
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